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Envira-North Systems’ large ceiling ventilation fans

Seaforth, ON — Envira-North Systems Limited announces the introduction of a new line of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans that mimic one of nature’s most sophisticated technologies. Incorporating the revolutionary Tubercle Technology, the almost vibration-free Altra-Air fan is one of the quietest and most efficient fans currently available, claims the company.

May 5, 2009  By Energy Management

In collaboration with the Toronto-based WhalePower, Envira-North is first to market with the Altra-Air Fan, which features innovative blades engineered to resemble the ridges, or “tubercles”, on the leading edge of Humpback whale flippers. WhalePower and Envira-North engineers have carefully studied the aerodynamic shape of the flippers and incorporated the same design into the new fan blades. With just five blades instead of the usual ten, the Altra-Air Fan’s increased stability significantly reduces noise and vibrations.

“We’ve taken our commitment to green power a step further by learning from nature’s technology,” says Envira-North CEO Monica Bowden. “Humpback whale flippers have evolved over thousands of years, and we knew thetechnology could have major implications for the way we design our product. These fans are 25% more aerodynamically efficient than previous fans. They move more air, they move it more smoothly, and they completely eliminate laminar flow.” Buyers of the product will see significant reductions in energy usage.

Altra-Air Fans qualify for a number of government energy efficiency incentives for both new builds and retrofits, which can reduce the cost of the fan by more than 70%. The Fans are available in sizes from 8 to 24 ft., and have variable speed operation. “We offer a variety of options to make incorporating this new technology as simpleas possible,” says Envira-North President Dan Lambert.


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