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Extech Instruments’ 300-Plus Test & Measurement Product Line

Extech Instruments, a subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc., launched Canadian distribution of its comprehensive line of test and measurement equipment on June 3rd, 2008. Electrical, environmental/indoor air quality, HVAC/R, mould/moisture remediation, and plant/MRO professionals in Canada will now have a choice when it comes to selecting high-quality test and measurement equipment with built-in infrared technology including digital multimeters (DMMs), clamp-on meters, tachometers, thermometers, and over 300 other precision instruments.

Extech's extensive catalog covers sixteen product categories including airflow meters (anemometers); moisture and humidity meters (hygrometers and psychrometers); fiber optic, light and sound meters (including dosimeters); water quality meters; gas detectors; pressure meters; calibrators; thermocouple thermometers; voltmeters; and numerous other test and measurement devices. Well-known for its innovation-focused approach to product development, Extech has aggressively implemented built-in infrared technology across its product range. (Extech holds five patents incorporating infrared (IR) in measurement instruments.)

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