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Free NECB 2017 training materials for designers, contractors, building officials

June 21, 2021  By  Anthony Capkun

June 21, 2021 – Canada’s National Research Council says free online training materials are now available at the CSA Store to help users apply the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) 2017.

Improving the construction community’s ability to effectively implement the NECB 2017 will help to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce GHG emissions in Canada, says NRC.

The course on navigating and applying the code provides a general overview for all users; meantime, the Contractor and Designer courses offer a detailed explanation of select technical requirements, and the prescriptive, trade-off and performance compliance paths.

The NECB 2017 training courses are self-paced and interactive, says NRC:

• Navigating and applying the code (20 minutes)
• NECB 2017 Training – Contractor (4 hours)
• NECB 2017 Training – Designer (4 hours)

Training videos, meantime, explain the full and abridged compliance checklists for the NECB 2015/2017, which users can obtain from their local authority having jurisdiction.

(While the full checklist can be used for any project, the abridged checklist can only be used for projects following the prescriptive compliance path.)

The Designer Perspective videos explain how to complete the checklists. The Enforcement Perspective videos—which target building officials—explain how to review the checklists:

• Full compliance checklist: Designer Perspective (12 minutes)
• Abridged compliance checklist: Designer Perspective (7 minutes)
• Full compliance checklist: Enforcement Perspective (12 minutes)
• Abridged compliance checklist: Enforcement Perspective (7 minutes)

These training materials complement the NECB 2017, which is available in print format in the NRC Virtual Store, and in free electronic format from the NRC Publications Archive.

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