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Government directs Ontario’s electricity distributors to be frontline deliverers of CDM programming

The province's electricity distributors have taken on greater responsibilities to provide leadership in the delivery of conservation and demand programming to their customers, Ontario's electricity consumers.

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Brad Duguid has issued a Minister's Directive to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to take steps to establish electricity conservation and demand management (CDM) targets for Ontario's electricity distributors. The government has also directed the Ontario Power Authority to advise the OEB on assigning conservation targets.

The Directive to the OEB establishes two key CDM targets for distributors to meet over the next four years — the shaving of 1,330 megawatts of provincial peak demand and 6,000 gigawatt hours of reduced electricity consumption.

"Electricity distributors are committed to working with provincial and community partners to help develop, promote and deliver effective energy conservation activities and programs to their local customers in order to attain individual CDM targets within their service territories," said Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) Chair Brian Bentz. "As the trusted face of Ontario's power system, distributors have the experience and local expertise to deliver on their commitment to assist in the development of sustainable communities for future generations."

For over five years, distributors have offered a spectrum of conservation programming and education awareness initiatives intended to permeate all electricity customer classes. They have also continued to work in conjunction with the Ontario Power Authority to offer a portfolio of province-wide CDM programs.

"The government recognizes our close relationship with electricity customers and our role as a catalyst in creating a culture of conservation among Ontarians," said Charlie Macaluso, EDA President and CEO. "The province's distributors embrace this opportunity to provide their customers with the tools they need to conserve."

The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is the voice of Ontario's local electricity distributors, the publicly and privately owned companies that safely and reliably deliver electricity to over 4.5 million Ontario homes, businesses and public institutions. The EDA provides members with advocacy and representation in the legislative and regulatory environment and the electricity market in Ontario.

April 28, 2010  By  Rob Colman

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