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Kamloops saving energy with cold water Zambonis

City reports savings of $48,900 in 2019 using cold water resurfacing at four ice rink facilities.

January 9, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada

The City of Kamloops in south-central British Columbia has reported the energy savings figures achieved at four of its city-owned ice rinks where it has eliminated the use of hot water in its ice resurfacers (Zambonis).

The Zambonis have traditionally used large quantities of hot water, which is produced by natural-gas-fired boilers. The city reports that the natural gas saved in 2019 by using cold water for flooding the ice is equivalent to 1,807 gigajoules, and the resulting energy cost savings was $48,900.

“Ice rink facilities can be very energy intensive,” said Jeff Putnam, the city’s parks and civic facilities manager in a release. “This change in our operating procedure has reduced our carbon footprint by the equivalent of 20 residential homes heated by natural gas each year.”

The city plans to add another rink to this energy-reduction program in 2020.


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