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Legend Power offers voltage boost enhancement to SmartGATE system

December 9, 2019  By  Megan Hoegler

Legend Power's SmartGATE system.

Legend Power Systems Inc. now offers a voltage boost enhancement to its SmartGATE platform.

The SmartGATE enhancement, announced on Dec. 5, will enable the system to boost voltage when a building is experiencing an ‘undervoltage’ condition.

SmartGATE is the first system that provides the ability to both “buck and boost” voltage in a single platform.

Low voltage events can lead to unexpected shutdowns of critical equipment in a building. Elevators, fire alarms and essential IT infrastructure are very susceptible, leading to equipment malfunction and possible failure. These interruptions have significant real-cost impacts on productivity and the quality of the work environment. However, because they are often dismissed as random failures, the costs are not only absorbed by the business, but often budgeted as an ongoing, recurring expense. Since they are linked to poor power quality, these are in fact, manageable or even avoidable costs.

This new enhancement to SmartGATE is a direct result of customer feedback. With SmartGATE’s intelligent controller already reading power quality from the grid as it comes into a building, Legend Power Systems has improved its system to now correct instances of under voltage (and other power quality conditions) in real time. The platform will effectively “pin” voltage at the customer’s desired voltage level, much like they would set a thermostat.

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