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Manitoba Hydro offering 50% rebate on LED bulbs

March 12, 2015 – If you live in Manitoba, get your hands on some LEDs over the next 30 days!

March 13, 2015  By  Renée Francoeur

From March 12 until April 12, Manitoba Hydro is offering 50% off the purchase price of Energy Star-certified LED bulbs. The utility is promoting the efficient lighting technology under the Power Smart banner, by offering the discount to customers through 11 participating retailers across the province.

The campaign builds on the first rebate program launched last fall where five retailers participated. About 48,000 households purchased LED bulbs at that time, saving customers more than $550,000 a year on their energy bills, according to Manitoba Hydro.

“It was difficult for retailers to keep up with the demand. We know some customers didn’t have an opportunity to participate in the fall,” said Colleen Kuruluk, marketing programs manager for Manitoba Hydro. “We are launching our spring campaign with more retailer participation and a wider selection of LED bulbs available for discount.”

Kuruluk said the campaign is also about educating the public on the nature of LEDs, such as how each bulb lasts about 25 years.


By 2016, anticipated energy savings of the Power Smart Residential Lighting Program will be equivalent to the energy used by 70,000 60W incandescent bulbs, said Manitoba Hydro.

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