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Maximize lighting retrofit energy savings with Precision Paragon guide

March  20, 2014 - According to Precision-Paragon, the majority of energy-efficient lighting retrofits “leave significant energy savings on the table”, which is why the company released a book that aims to help building owners and lighting professionals identify and maximize potential sources of energy savings.

March 21, 2014  By  Anthony Capkun

The 21-page “6 Steps to Getting the Most From Every Lighting Retrofit” (download below) walks readers through energy-saving steps “that are missed in many lighting retrofits”, such as performing a comprehensive layout and specification, adding automatic lighting controls, addressing outdoor lighting, addressing specialty lighting, and both finding and qualifying for rebates and incentives. By following all the steps in the guide and performing a truly comprehensive retrofit, it is possible for a facility to more than double its energy savings, insists Precision.

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