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MEGA Electronics M78 Switching Regulators

MEGA Electronics Inc. 0.5 Amp and 1.0Amp switching regulators are ideally suite to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible.  With efficiencies up to 96 per cent very little energy is wasted as heat, eliminating the need for heat sinks and drastically reducing overall weight.  In addition to wide input voltage ranges, the regulators include a thermal shutdown, short circuit protection with continuous automatic recovery and low ripple and noise.  Normal operating temperatures are from -40C to +85C ambient and +100C case temperatures of the fully encapsulated regulator.  

Recommended for use as a stable source of DC output voltage from a wide input DC range such as from batteries.  The low weight and space requirement make this an ideal, cost effective alternative to the linear 78xx.  As standard stock items the parts are readily available.

April 24, 2008  By Energy Management

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