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More Ontario schools install Harmonizer voltage management systems

October 4, 2018 – Vancouver-based Legend Power Systems (LPS) has sold five of its Harmonizer voltage management systems—totalling $475,000—to three Ontario school boards.

October 4, 2018  By  Peter Saunders

According to LPS, the Harmonizer (example pictured) measures voltage coming into a building, calculates any overage and automatically throttles the supply to a level suitable for the building’s electrical equipment, thus saving money. When the grid supply fluctuates, the system reacts to ensure optimum voltage level is maintained. And if a major grid event occurs, it switches to bypass mode until the condition passes.

One of the newly purchased systems is the fourth followup for a board of education that has now outfitted seven of its schools. The other two boards are first-time buyers of one and three Harmonizers, respectively.

With this latest sale, LPS reports it has now supplied 127 Harmonizers to 26 Ontario boards that, collectively, administer 3,975 elementary schools and 902 secondary schools.

“Given the size of the province’s K-12 segment, we are delighted with the confidence it shows in our products,” says Randy Buchamer, CEO of LPS. “We look forward to continued growth in the Ontario education vertical as a whole.”


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