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NB Power enhances home insulation energy saving program • AUG 2017

August 15, 2017 - Owners of electrically heated homes in New Brunswick can now participate in the Home Insulation Energy Savings Program by arranging a home energy evaluation for $99 (+HST).

August 16, 2017  By  Anthony Capkun

Program participants who undertake a major insulation upgrade are also now eligible for a $500 bonus for each ductless heat pump installed.

In addition to helping homeowners, NB Power says the program also provides opportunity for New Brunswick contractors. Since taking over the mandate of Efficiency NB in 2015, NB Power’s Lori Clark says, “These energy efficiency projects have also injected over $44 million into the New Brunswick economy through the purchase of materials and services”.

The Home Insulation Energy Savings Program was launched in 2015 and has helped homeowners save an average of $700 to $1000 annually on their energy costs. Participants are also getting, on average, $1800 back in incentives from NB Power to help them pay for their upgrades. Most can recoup the cost of their investment in three to five years, says the utility.

The first step in the program is a home energy evaluation, which identifies areas for improvements and allows NB Power to provide the homeowner with a report that details the recommended upgrades, and estimates the homeowner’s eligible incentives. The cost for the evaluation has been dropped from $210 to $99 effective August 1.


Most homeowners will also be eligible to receive close to $100-worth of free energy-saving products, such as LED bulbs, water-efficient showerheads and hot water pipe wrap, as an added bonus for program participation.

Visit or call 800-663-6272.

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