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New Brunswick funnels $20 million into energy efficiency initiatives for 2017

May 17, 2017 - The New Brunswick government has announced it is investing more than $20 million this year in energy retrofits and renewable energy initiatives in public buildings.

May 17, 2017  By  Renée Francoeur

“We know how important the economy, health care and education are to New Brunswickers,” said Finance minister Cathy Rogers, speaking on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “By making our schools and hospitals more energy efficient, we will reduce operating costs, provide local construction jobs and protect the environment.”

Work includes lighting upgrades at schools, as well as heating and ventilation work. There will also be energy efficiency projects at several hospitals, the government revealed.

The initiatives include:

• implementing energy management and upgrading controls,

• energy recovery systems for ventilation systems,

• demand side management for electricity,

• water conservation,

• lighting upgrades and retrofits,

• heat pump improvements,

• installation of wood pellet boilers.

The 2017-18 investment for retrofits and renewable energy initiatives builds on the increased budget of $13.4 million last year and $13.3 million in 2015-16. This has allowed for lighting upgrades at more than 200 schools, heating and ventilation work in more than 50 schools, and various projects at other government buildings such as hospitals, office buildings and garages, the province stated.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure says it has also implemented several initiatives to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the government’s vehicle fleet.

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