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New in Energy Efficiency Alberta’s toolbox: Home Efficiency and Learn About Lighting tools

May 12, 2017 - Energy Efficiency Alberta says it now boasts two online interactive sites to show how easy it is to cut down on utility bills—using smart power bars, thermostats and dimmer switches—while outlining rebates that can “save hundreds of dollars on up-front costs”.

May 12, 2017  By  Renée Francoeur

Minister Shannon Phillips navigates the new Residential Savings App with homeowner Linda Hoang.

The Home Efficiency Tool walks users through their home, outlining specific ways to cut long-term energy use while accessing up-front savings. In the process, it introduces concepts like so-called “vampire power”, which refers to electricity consumed when electronic appliances and devices are turned off but still plugged into wall outlets.

Additionally, the Learn About Lighting Tool showcases differences between bulbs and the advantages of LED lights over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Both tools are accessible through tablets, laptops and desktop computers on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website.

The tools also present products available through the Residential Retail Products Program, which includes home improvement rebates for windows, water heaters and insulation, online rebates for appliances and instant in-store rebates on a wide variety of products.

“These new interactive tools are a great way to see for yourself what Energy Efficiency Alberta has to offer. You’ll learn about energy efficiency and ways you can save energy,” said Monica Curtis, CEO, Energy Efficiency Alberta.

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