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New student-led Enbridge program helps industrial customers get energy savvy

November 5, 2012 - Is your business located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)? You could learn a thing or two from these kids.

November 5, 2012  By  Alyssa Dalton

While it is usually the students who gain real-life experience from on-the-job training, this fall, Ryerson University students will be teaching local industrial customers how to be more energy efficient through a new student-led Enbridge program. Here, the students will carry out a free energy assessment to help owners find ways to save energy and improve their natural gas efficiency.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Trevor Maclean, director of market development and sales for Enbridge Gas Distribution. “The business owners receive tailor-made information they can use to make informed decisions on how to reduce their natural gas consumption and implement energy efficiency programs in their operations, while the students receive real-world energy management experience.”

During their visit to each business, students will examine energy utility bills to understand how much energy is being used, and then conduct an on-site energy assessment that involves looking at everything from steam-generation systems and process-and-heat recovery applications, to space heating and ventilation. After being reviewed by their professors and an Enbridge Gas Distribution energy solutions consultant, they will then present to the business owner their assessment and recommendations for energy savings.

These students will be trained by Enbridge’s energy management experts in energy assessment procedures, energy management tools and equipment, and safety techniques.


“Besides aligning with our commitment to conduct business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, we hope the program will give students a positive experience and encourage them to consider a career in the growing field of energy management,” said Maclean.

“Businesses are looking for ways to cut down on energy costs, but don’t necessarily have the time or skills to perform these kinds of assessments,” said Alan Fung, associate professor of Ryerson’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and faculty member at the University’s Centre for Urban Energy (CUE). “Our students have done research on energy efficiency and can fill this void for Enbridge customers. In return, they get hands-on experience. The world becomes their classroom.”

“I must applaud Enbridge for this industry-led initiative and thank their financial contribution and effort in providing energy-assessment training to Ryerson’s students,” added Wey Leong, associate professor from Ryerson’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson.

Enbridge business customers interested in finding out more about this initiative can visit, phone 888-427-8888 or email

CUE was founded by Ryerson with sponsorships from Hydro One, Toronto Hydro and the Ontario Power Authority.

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