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Newmarket-Tay deploys Energate’s smart meter-connected smart thermostats

August 13, 2013 - Energate, a provider of consumer demand response and home energy management solutions, has announced Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution will deploy the Energate Foundation Smart Thermostat and home energy gateway in homes operating over the Sensus open standards-based FlexNet utility communication network with ZigBee-enabled meters. Ontario has deployed over five million smart meters alongside its province-wide time-of-use pricing program, said Energate.

August 13, 2013  By  Alyssa Dalton

In addition, a province-wide direct load control program, Peaksaver Plus, provides an opt-in program through most of the province’s local distribution companies (LDC).

According to Energate, Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution is the first Ontario LDC to deploy demand response technology that communicates over the smart meter AMI network utilizing Energate’s Consumer-Connected Demand Response (CCDR) solution platform. Newmarket consumers will benefit by receiving a smart communicating Energate thermostat that allows them to proactively manage their energy usage in relation to time-of-use (TOU) rates, it said. Customers will also get access to an enhanced consumer portal and mobile apps, allowing them to remotely monitor energy consumption in real time and control loads in their homes.

Following the initial deployment, Energate anticipates the program to expand to additional homes over the next two years. Energate’s CCDR Demand Response software platform has been integrated with the Sensus FlexNet software, tested and qualified by Sensus and approved by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) for use for Ontario DR programs.

“Led by Newmarket, we are pleased to announce that Smart meter-compatible Foundations are now being installed in Ontario homes,” said Niraj Bhargava, CEO of Energate. “This deployment is part of a trend where utilities can now build real consumer value on top of a utility demand response program.”


“Newmarket is delighted to be offering its consumers value-add benefits of the smart grid,” added Paul Ferguson, CEO of Newmarket, “our partnership with Energate allows us to deliver the leading edge features that provides value to us as the LDC and also the homeowner.”

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