VIDEO: There are unknown unknowns... but not with energy management

Anthony Capkun
November 20, 2015
October 15, 2013 - According to the David Suzuki Foundation, scientists are more certain than ever that human activity, the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation in particular, is causing climate change. Meantime, the Heartland Institute says human impact on climate is very small... so small as to be invisible against a background of natural variability.
In a world of varying agendas, to whom do you turn for the truth? How do you differentiate between outright denial and overzealous hysteria? How on earth do you position yourself on the right side of the debate? By not engaging in that debate in the first place, and sticking with a known known: proactive energy management.


0 #2 Jon William 2014-07-17 14:37
Energy management always makes good sense. From an environmental view as well as financial but the craziness of the climate cult has to stop and self serving psuedo science groups like David Suzuki and his foundation needs to be challenged. Suzuki and others claimed both polar caps would be gone already and the world would be near toast. Well nothing could be farther from the truth ! The arctic are bigger, colder now than in decades and planet hasn't warmed in 17 years but they continue spreading fear and diverting trillions in funds that could actually be doing good to eliminate poverty, disease, provide clean water etc. and yes a cleaner environment but no they continue on unchallenged preying on peoples fear and want for a clean environment.
Just imagine if those trillions is funds where used for infrastructure upgrades and such how much better the world would be and better equipped to handle any natural weather event.
+1 #1 David Katz 2013-12-20 09:56
The issue of climate change will continue to be debated as the unknown, unknown especially given the global impacts that transcend national borders. What is accepted is the need for energy management as noted by the signing by all major countries of the ISO 50001 standard. As noted in this concise video, the benefits of using energy more efficiently leaves this non renewable resource more available for all the applications that everyone needs in a modern electronically connected world. Even the energy producers recognize the need for energy management with the incentives provided by the OPA and gas utilities for training of Certified Energy Managers and the application of the ISO 50001 standard that will be presented at an upcoming CIET course in February in Toronto.

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