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Nexterra biomass gasification system fires up at Dockside Green

Vancouver, B.C. — Nexterra Energy Corp. announced on June 4th that its biomass gasification system at Dockside Green is now operational and providing heat and hot water to residents of the award-winning $600 million green development in Victoria.

June 5, 2009  By Newswire

"We are delighted with the results of Nexterra’s gasification system at Dockside Green and have had overwhelming interest from the general public and media," said Lee Davis, president and CEO of Vancity Capital. "This is a premier showcase for clean energy technology in a truly sustainable urban development, and we applaud Nexterra on this important achievement."

The Dockside Green development features the latest in environmentally friendly materials and innovative sustainable design, and is anchored by a state-of-the-art renewable energy district heating system. Housed in a building designed to fit into the urban neighborhood, Nexterra’s proprietary gasification system will enable the Dockside community to self-generate clean, low-cost heat and hot water using locally sourced wood fuel and offset fossil fuels. At peak capacity, the system will provide heat and hot water to an estimated 2,500 Dockside residents, enabling the development to be carbon neutral from an energy perspective, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 3,460 tonnes per year, or the equivalent of taking 850 cars off the road.

"This is a significant demonstration of the role that biomass gasification can play in providing clean energy within urban environments," said Jonathan Rhone, President and CEO of Nexterra. "We fully expect that this proven technology will be adopted as the new standard for biomass energy systems in communities across North America."

Commercially proven, Nexterra’s gasification technology converts wood residues such as bark, branches and sawdust into renewable synthetic gas or "syngas" which enables customers to economically self-generate renewable heat and/or power. Syngas is a clean burning combustible gas that can be used like natural gas to generate heat and/or power. Recent testing at Nexterra’s installations in Canada and the U.S. has verified that particulate emissions from those facilities are equivalent to those produced from natural gas combustion. The combination of ultra low emissions, syngas versatility and low cost makes Nexterra’s technology ideally suited to institutional and industrial customers in urban environments.


The biomass gasification system at Dockside Green is owned by Dockside Green Energy LLP, a "micro energy utility" that was created by Terasen Energy Services, Vancity Capital, and the Corix Group of Companies to own and operate the gasification system and administer the heat and hot water service for Dockside Green. Government sponsors include Natural Resources Canada’s Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) Program, and the City of Victoria.

Nexterra is offering "Open House" tours of the Dockside plant for a limited time. For more information, contact

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