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Nova Scotia investing 10 million to improve energy efficiency of its buildings

June 08, 2011 - The Province of Nova Scotia says it is investing $10 million to improve the energy efficiency of government-owned buildings, “which will save energy and money, and protect the environment”.

“Nova Scotians want their government to take action toward a more sustainable future and lead the way to a healthier economy and environment,” said Bill Estabrooks, minister of transportation and infrastructure renewal. “Investing in energy efficiency will save money and provide cost savings that can be invested in critical programs for Nova Scotians.”

June 9, 2011  By  Anthony Capkun

As part of Budget 2011, the province is investing in energy retrofits that include the installation of energy-efficient heating, lighting and air-conditioning equipment. Other building improvements include air sealing, adding insulation and new windows. Alternate energy solutions will be applied where appropriate.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has completed energy retrofit assessments and is reviewing as many as 200 potential sites. Work is slated to begin early this summer. The department will also complete up to 20 retrofits that were started last year.

The initiative is a partnership between several provincial government departments including Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Energy, Environment and Finance.

“This investment will mean significant economic, environmental and social benefits for Nova Scotians,” said Charlie Parker, minister of energy. “We are already seeing annual energy savings of 10 to 20%, which will save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.”


The province’s Climate Change Action Plan sets out a 2020 target to achieve an overall reduction of 30% in energy consumption for all government-owned buildings constructed before 2001.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has invested a total of $11 million for building energy retrofits in its previous two budgets. The department is responsible for the maintenance of 2400 buildings throughout the province.

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