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Nudura ICFs help seal building envelopes

June 5, 2019 – Nudura’s insulated concrete forms (ICFs) combine two panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with steel reinforcement and concrete to help eliminate thermal bridging and prevent heat loss through the building envelope.

June 5, 2019  By  Peter Saunders

The ICFs are connected with a patented web system, made of 100% recycled material. Once stacked, they can reportedly endure wind speeds up to 402 km/h, while the EPS offers a fire protection rating of up to four hours.

A variety of ICF types and sizes are available to accommodate different building types and design requirements.

“Our patented foam interlock allows the form to be four-way reversible,” explains Keven Rector, technical services manager for Nudura, which is based in Barrie, Ont. “It does this by eradicating left and right corners, allowing these ICFs to be used in twice as many scenarios as non-reversible forms.”

Nudura claims its products provide up to 58% energy savings compared to traditional building methods using wood.


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