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Ontario announces energy efficiency programming to support retrofits, greenhouses, local grids

May 25, 2023  By  Anthony Capkun

Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Todd Smith (left), announces several new/expanded energy efficiency measures at Ecobee’s headquarters in Toronto. At right, Stuart Lombard, Ecobee founder and CEO. Not pictured: Chuck Farmer, vice-president, Planning, Conservation, Resource Adequacy, IESO. Source: Screen capture from broadcast.

May 25, 2023 – The Ontario government today launched the Peak Perks program, as well as three new/enhanced programs, including an expanded custom Retrofit program for business, municipalities and other institutions, support for greenhouse growers in southwestern Ontario, and enhancements to the existing Local Initiatives Program.

Retrofit Program – Custom

The program will feature over $200 million in dedicated funding for incentives for custom energy efficiency projects. It will cover up to 50% of the cost of approved projects, allowing businesses to install energy-saving equipment that best meet their specific needs. Businesses now receive an incentive based on overall energy savings rather than set rebates for pre-approved equipment options.

Retrofit for Greenhouses


This program is available for commonly used lighting, controls, and other equipment used by Ontario’s greenhouse sector. This program is designed to help manage agricultural electricity demand which, in the southwest of the province, is expected to grow from roughly 500 MW to about 2000 MW by 2035.

Local Initiatives Program

Double incentives for local Retrofit projects (with the exception of lighting) in areas of the province where the grid is congested:

• Niagara Region
• Kingston
• South Huron Perth
• Pembroke
• Kenora

These adders are available between April 3 and October 3, 2023, with additional target areas to be announced this summer.

Visit the Save on Energy site for more information.

Peak Perks program

The Peak Perks program provides a financial incentive to residential customers who are willing to lower their air-conditioning during peak periods in the summer. The homeowners must have an eligible smart thermostat connected to their central A/C or heat pump. Participants will receive $75 for enrolling this year, as well as $20 for each year they stay enrolled in the program starting in 2024.

Residential customers can participate in Peak Perks by enrolling and giving their thermostat manufacturer secure access to their thermostat. Participants will be notified when one of the maximum 10 annual temperature change events occurs directly by their thermostat manufacturer on their mobile app and on their thermostat.

Eligible thermostat manufacturers are, Emerson, Google Nest, Honeywell Home, Lux. Visit the website for eligible models.

The ministry insists Peak Perks events will occur only on weekdays for up to three hours during periods of peak demand. Events will not take place on weekends or holidays. Events can occur up to 10 times between June and September.

Participants are always in control, adds the ministry, and can opt-out of any temperature change event at any time without impacting their incentive.

“The new programs launched today will also help meet the province’s emerging electricity system needs by providing annual electricity savings equivalent to powering approximately 130,000 homes every year, and reduce costs for consumers by over $650 million by 2025,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy.

The Peak Perks program will be available in June. Interested customers can visit to sign-up for the program waitlist.

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