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Ontario government supports “lean training” with $500,000 funding

The provincial government is helping Ontario manufacturers become more efficient and increase their competitiveness in the global economy with funding for “lean training.” The Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium will use the $500,000 in government funding to hold more than 90 "lean training" sessions for companies across Ontario.   

June 26, 2008  By Newswire

The training will show manufacturers how to achieve:
Less waste – saving money and sending less material to landfill.
Better workflow – reducing the number of steps required to do a task, reducing worker fatigue and boosting productivity.
Smoother equipment changeovers – getting production lines back in action sooner and improving worker safety.

In high-volume factories making thousands of units, even the smallest improvements deliver big results. For example, one company working with EMC improved its set-up for loading skids at the end of a production line. The company was able to save a four-person crew the equivalent of walking more than 7,000 miles per year – that’s more than a quarter of the way around the world.

"This is another example of how we can partner strategically with Ontario manufacturers to lift our companies to the next level of competitiveness and innovation.   It’s about adding value to compete in the global economy," said Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

"In the words of an EMC member: ‘Lean is the single best way for manufacturers to remain competitive,’” said Al Diggins, EMC’s President and General Manager. “EMC’s Lean Training is one of the most comprehensive programs available in North America and has enabled our members achieve significant productivity improvements. With the province’s help, we will provide more than 1,600 new participants with the opportunity to access Lean training, which they can take back to their companies and put into immediate action for tangible results."


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