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OOM Energy’s IEP provides off-grid electricity

October 24, 2018 – Order of Magnitude (OOM) Energy in Oakille, Ont., has developed an Integrated Energy Platform (IEP) to provide dedicated, off-grid electricity to business facilities and other buildings.

October 24, 2018  By  Peter Saunders

The portable on-site power system is installed outside a facility, much like an air conditioning (AC) unit. Serving as a ‘private power station in a box,’ it provides generated power directly to the client, rather than sharing it. Clients pay fixed monthly fees to OOM under long-term energy service agreements (ESAs).

The IEP is a hybrid system that combines such ‘clean power’ technologies as batteries, co-generation, carbon sequestration and solar power, whichever are best-suited to the particular site. So far, OOM has installed units across North America for transportation facilities, hotels, convention centres, recreation centres, commercial buildings, cement manufacturers, gas treatment facilities, steel plants, agricultural farms and retirement residences.

Remote, real-time monitoring via automated software helps prevent the need for maintenance. OOM also says rates are less that what public utilities charge and the IEP operates more efficiently than traditional power systems. Further, the system is scalable to incorporate other energy technologies as they become commercially viable.


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