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Ottawa issues Call for Proposals for $10MIL energy advisor campaign

May 17, 2021
By Anthony Capkun

May 17, 2021 – The Government of Canada has launched a Call for Proposals for a $10-million commitment to recruit, train and mentor up to 2000 new energy advisors across the country to support the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

The grant program aims to provide as many as 700,000 grants of up to $5000 each to help homeowners make energy-efficient improvements to their homes, supported by an EnerGuide evaluation. The home evaluation will give homeowners a better understanding of how their home uses energy now, and identify retrofits to help improve energy efficiency.

The energy advisor recruitment, training and mentorship campaign will provide a total of $10 million in funding over 5 years “to support innovative projects”. Ottawa is looking for “new ideas and experienced partners to”:

• Support increased demand for EnerGuide evaluations in all regions of Canada.


• Increase the diversity of the energy advisor workforce.

The Call for Proposals underscores the need for diversity and inclusion by specifically targeting under-represented groups.

The new energy advisors will help meet demand for, and provide access to, timely EnerGuide evaluations for all Canadians, regardless of location, says NRCan.


Eligible applicants are:

• Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments, and their departments and agencies where applicable.

• Indigenous governments or organizations (e.g., band councils, land claim organizations).

• Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada, including for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, such as electricity and gas utilities, as well as voluntary organizations and foundations.

All applicants must have:

• knowledge of the EnerGuide Rating System, including the role that energy advisors play

• the governance structure, staff, and networks to allow for successful completion of the project

Proposals must be received by July 8, 2021, and Natural Resources Canada will schedule webinars with potential applicants to answer any questions and provide additional support. Canadians with limited internet access can contact the dedicated call centre line at 833-674-8282.

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4 Comments » for Ottawa issues Call for Proposals for $10MIL energy advisor campaign

    my home was built in 1989, i still have the same windows and my furnace was replaced in 2003 (18 years old)….do you think i would qualify for any of the new incentives, that were announced today by the Federal Gov’t….?

    • Anthony Capkun says:

      Hello Robert. Hard to say at this point, as today’s news is about Ottawa seeking proposals from parties who are qualified to deliver a program. Details of that program itself do not yet officially exist, as they will likely depend on the ideas put forth by those whose proposal is accepted. But, we do know from today’s news that it should be up to $5000 per household. Based on other programs, the amount of the incentive/rebate will likely depend on the work being done e.g. redoing your building envelope vs. switching out your bulbs for LEDs. It will be interesting to see what “vintage” of homes make it into the program, whether it will be “first come, first served”, etc.

  2. Duane Grzyb says:

    I have often mused that antique homes should be obsoleted from the market. When old homes come on the market, government should buy them, bulldoze the lead, asbestos, uninsulated mess and resell the lot for new construction. The difference in value should be offset from carbon taxes. Increased property tax revenue, higher density land use could and energy efficiency would be the outcome.

  3. Gary Hoadley says:

    You can’t say that as a general rule. I own an 80 year old home in Downtown Moncton. I have installed new low E thermopane windows, insulated the walls and basement, installed a high EER heat pump and heat exchanger AND removed the asbestos. It works better, looks better and performs no worse than the typical new home. If the government wants to fund something fund the improvements like I have done on my own and the available money will go a lot farther in meeting the overall goal

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