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Panasonic Interios central heat pump for residential spaces

November 1, 2023  By  Anthony Capkun

November 23, 2023 – The latest addition to Panasonic’s Breathe Well lineup, Interios is a central heat pump system for heating and cooling residential spaces, and it comes in two versions.

The Interios low-carbon, hybrid heating system includes an outdoor heat pump unit and indoor cased a-coil. When combined with almost any furnace/air handler, the unit promises to deliver “highly efficient” heating and cooling.

The second version is the all-electric central heat pump system, which consists of an outdoor heat pump unit and an all-electric air handler to provide year-round electric heating and cooling. The system can be fitted with an available backup heater to provide extra heat on very cold days.

Compared to traditional gas or propane systems, Panasonic says heat pumps offer up to 300% greater efficiency and potentially 30% energy savings, adding that the lifetime cost of a standard heat pump with electric backup is 13% lower than a gas system with air conditioning.

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