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Paul Ravenelle to head Amerlux’s new Energy Services group

January 24, 2012 - Amerlux has established an Energy Services Group, which it said was developed as a turnkey program to help retail customers dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs while updating their lighting programs. Paul Ravenelle has been appointed regional director of sales to head the group.

January 24, 2012  By  Alyssa Dalton

Amerlux Energy Services enables specialists to conduct physical audits of their lighting plan and create a benchmark that identifies fixtures, lamping and wattages used. Using delta calculations, a complete energy efficient lighting plan and layout is created featuring Energy Star rated commercial lighting fixtures that are retrofitted on existing tracks. “New luminaires offer comparable light levels and beam performance, with significantly lower wattages and reductions in energy costs and maintenance,” explained Amerlux.

After managing the specification, delivery and installation of new energy efficient fixtures, Amerlux submits all paperwork to utility companies; oversees communications, pre- and post-installation audits; and determines all incentives, and if customers assign incentives to Amerlux, the company will assume all incentive payment risk from the utilities, it said.

“This new service reduces energy expenditures associated with accent lighting by 50-70% and replaces older conventional lighting with the latest energy efficient technology for at least a decade by implementing our 10 year warranty,” said Frank P. Diassi, chair and founder of Amerlux.

Within the past few months, Amerlux has worked with one grocery retailer, pinpointing 150 store locations for retrofits and working with different utilities to earn incentives totaling more than $2.5 million and toplined its lighting budget by 650% to fully equip the stores with brand-new energy efficient lighting, it said.


“By leveraging the existing infrastructures of each store, we replace old fixtures with new state-of-the-art, energy efficient luminaires,” said Chuck Campagna, CEO and president of Amerlux. “Paul and the Energy Services team help customers discover the best formula to gain energy incentives and expand their cost benefits model to get projects done.”

Prior to joining Amerlux, Ravenelle most recently served as executive VP of operations for Performance Consulting Group, director of Business Development for Fiberstars/Energy Focus, regional director of Business Development for Ameresco, and regional director for Noresco.

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