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February 2, 2012 - Stobag, a Canadian/Swiss manufacturer of sunshade solutions, presented sunshades made in its Mississauga, Ont., facility at last month's IDS (Interior Design Show) 2012 Show in Toronto. The facility is home to a 10,000-sf. showroom and a sewing facility. "Sophistication is the approach to both design and construction which makes Stobag stand apart as an industry leader," it said. The company has been providing solutions to various countries for the last 50 years.STOBAG
February 1, 2012 - Flir has unveiled the next generation i-Series point-and-shoot infrared cameras –i3, i5, and i7– featuring higher resolutions, wider field-of-view choices, better images, and an optimized display. New options include the upgraded i7 with 36% more thermal resolution than before, at 19,600 pixels. "Whether using a thermal camera for predictive maintenance, electrical diagnostics, building and home inspections, energy audits, or HVACR, the new i3, i5, and i7 models are the most affordable, highest performance and toughest entry-level cameras on the market today," says Flir. FLIR
January 26, 2012 - CertainTeed describes its Sustainable Insulation as a proven fiber glass technology that is economical, easy to install and offers comfort and excellent thermal, acoustical and indoor air quality properties. According to the company, a closed-loop water system helps maximize water usage at the plants, and rigorous monitoring and management of energy usage has reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products. Sustainable Insulation is available in batt and roll form, unfaced or kraft-faced, and is designed for use in standard wood stud and steel-frame wall assemblies. CERTAINTEED
January 17, 2012 - GAF has announced a completed Lifetime Roofing System for homeowners, not just shingles. In order to qualify for Lifetime limited coverage, a homeowner must install any Lifetime Shingle, as well as three or more qualifying GAF accessories. Contractors can choose from different GAF accessories, including Ridge Caps, Roof Deck Protection, Leak Barriers, Cobra Attic Ventilation, and Starter Strips. According to GAF, the system provides homeowners with peace of mind and supports contractors who are selling and installing complete roofing systems.GAF
January 9, 2012 - CertainTeed describes its MemBrain vapour retarder as the first of its kind which breathes and allows excess moisture to escape from wall cavities. The product is a polyamide film which changes permeability from less than one perm at low humidity (such as during winter) to greater than 20 perms at high relative humidity. MemBrain is used in place of traditional polyethylene vapour retarders with unfaced fiberglass insulation to provide an insulation system that is ideal for areas with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity by helping to reduce the risk and liability concerns due to excess moisture, adds CertainTeed. CERTAINTEED
December 28, 2011 - Molded from real cedar boards and backed with polystyrene insulation, CertainTeed says its CedarBoards insulated vinyl siding provide the look of wide-board wood siding, while boosting a home’s energy efficiency. The standard product line (12 feet, 6 inches) is available in 18 colors and four profiles – single 7-inch, double 4-inch and double 6-inch Rough Cedar Clapboard and double 4-1/2-inch Dutchlap. According to CertainTeed, its polystyrene insulation backing is custom-contoured to the profile, improving the overall R-value of a traditionally insulated wood-framed wall and helping to reduce home heating and cooling costs. CERTAINTEED
December 21, 2011 - The latest addition to Ottawa’s Algonquin College—the Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE)—is boasting of its different energy-efficient features, including a 22-metre-high biofilter living wall. The five-storey, 194,000-sf. centre was designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects in collaboration with Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates Architects, and consolidates the College’s building design and construction technology programs for 2,600 full-time students.  The building was constructed in less than two years, and classes commenced this September.
December 12, 2011 - CertainTeed claims WeatherBoards is a complete system of fiber cement lap and vertical siding, decorative shapes, soffit and trim, which offers a host of design possibilities providing architectural accuracy from deep, authentic wood grains to ultra smooth finishes. According to the company, the weatherboards are manufactured with a process that conserves energy and water, and holds a Class A (1) flame spread rating. CERTAINTEED
December 12, 2011 - CertainTeed claims its CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier, with a full line of accessories, provides homeowners with a superior layer of protection for their walls and contributes to the energy efficiency, air quality and overall comfort of a healthy home. The product is applied prior to exterior cladding and acts as the primary line of defence against the elements during construction and a secondary water barrier after the cladding is installed. When properly installed, CertaWrap reduces drafts, which cuts energy costs, explains CertainTeed. CERTAINTEED
November 7, 2011 - eTime Energy claims to reduce your energy bill by 20-40% with its clear HPS nanotech window coating, which it showcased at Greenbuild 2011 last month with its “heat alley” - a walkthrough display that lets attendees experience the effects of eTime coating and other comparative energy saving film applications. According to the company, the HPS series products are the only retrofit, full spectrum window treatment on the market today and are guaranteed not to chip, peel, streak, or fade.ETIME ENERGY**Energy Management Canada associate editor Alyssa Dalton stopped by the eTime Energy booth at Greenbuild 2011. CLICK HERE to see her photos from the tradeshow floor.
November 4, 2011 - Edgetech I.G., a division of Quanex Building Products Corporation, claims its Super Spacer TriSeal, a desiccated silicone foam spacer technology, reduces energy consumption by up to 15% within curtain wall glazing systems. According to the company, the TriSeal offers commercial architects and glazers a non-conductive alternative to stainless steel spacers that provides optimal thermal efficiency and long-term durability of insulating glass, while providing the necessary structural stability to stand up to the elements.EDGETECH I.G.
November 3, 2011 - CertainTeed Corporation debuted its Apollo Solar Roofing System at Greenbuild 2011 last month. The system features “highly integrated” photovoltaic (PV) panels and is described by the company as lightweight, durable, resistant to wind uplift, and easily integrated into existing or new roof installations. According to the company, each 12-pound module features 14 high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells that absorb sunlight and can generate most or all of the electricity a home uses during the day with its maximum output potential. If there is leftover electricity, the excess power then flows back through the meter into the power grid.   CERTAINTEED    
November 3, 2011 - Sto ExtraSeal is a single component air barrier and continuous insulation adhesive for use on vertical above grade concrete, concrete masonry (CMU), and gypsum board sheathing wall surfaces. Its features include a fully adhered structural air barrier material for reduced energy consumption, resistance to damage by wind and stack effect, and no air leakage between sheathing and air barrier. The ExtraSeal is part of the StoEnergy Guard family of products, which together create an integrated cavity wall solution that is used for substrate protection, energy efficiency and energy conservation under multiple cladding types, including stone, siding, stucco and more, explains Sto Corp.STO CORP.
November 2, 2011 - Mikron Industries, a Quanex Building Products company, has extended the energy-efficiency and durability benefits of its residential vinyl door systems to its high-strength, K2 series of commercial vinyl sliding door systems.  Available in two-, three- and four-panel configurations up to 10 feet high and 20 feet wide, Mikron says the K2 series door is designed to meet critical specifications for use in large sizes and where high structural ratings are a necessity. The K2 door incorporates Mikron’s SuperCapSR technology, a low-heat absorbing co-extruded colour layer that reflects solar radiation away from the surface before it builds up excessive heat and provides superior durability, adds the company.MIKRON INDUSTRIES
November 2, 2011 - Tate has expanded its line of in-floor cooling solutions for data centers to include the DirectAire X2 airflow panel and various control options for both the SmartAire variable-air-volume (VAV) damper and the PowerAire fan-assist module. DirectAire X2 splits airflow evenly and angles it in two directions, allowing for directional airflow to racks on either side of the cold aisle in a legacy datacenter that has only one accessible airflow panel, it explains. It features a 68% open area capable of delivering 2,600 CFFM at .1” H2O static pressure, says the company, adding that the angle of deflection at the top of each vertical vane directs the airflow toward server racks to efficiently cool more than 12.5 kW per rack (more than 25 kW for both racks) and achieve an industry-leading 93% total capture rate. New control options for SmartAire dampers and PowerAire fan-assist modules help to effectively manage diverse and variable loads and eliminate hot spots, it continues.TATE

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