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November 2, 2011 - CertainTeed claims its Hybrid Insulation System provides a thermally superior, airtight seal around the home by bringing together three insulation products: CertaSpray Closed Cell Foam Insulation; Optima Blow-In Insulation; and MemBrain Smart Vapor Retarder & Air Barrier. According to the company, the insulation won’t settle over time, which helps to ensure long-lasting energy efficiency, eliminates unwanted hot or cold spots in the home and moisture infiltration. CERTAINTEED
November 2, 2011 - Quanex Building Products has expanded its EnergyCore line of fusion-insulated window products to include horizontal slider, tilt single-hung, side-load single-hung and corresponding profile picture window designs. According to the company, the new offerings deliver value-leading energy savings for any residential architectural style needing a retrofit or remodel.QUANEX BUILDING PRODUCTS
November 1, 2011 - Mikron Industries, a Quanex Building Products company, claims its line of commercially rated vinyl impact windows conserve energy, reduce costs and withstand the harshest weather conditions, while providing the impact resistance and high performance desired in new construction and light commercial applications. The windows are available in single-hung, casement/awning, picture and single-pocket slider styles, and accept 7/8-” overall insulated units for improved thermal efficiency, it says. The commercial impact single-hung window offers a multi-chambered frame with fully reinforced sash rails and stiles for added strength, rigidity and thermal efficiency, adds the company. MIKRON INDUSTRIES
November 1, 2011 - A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, CertainTeed has launched its CertaSpray closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation, which is sprayed into a building cavity and expands to fill openings that may potentially leak air, it claims. The foam insulation provides an effective seal, which reduces energy loss and improves indoor air quality, and can be applied to the underside of roof decks, walls, cathedral ceilings and attic, it says.CERTAINTEED
October 28, 2011 - Sage, a manufacturer of electronically tintable architectural glass, showcased its energy-efficient SageGlass earlier this month at Greenbuild 2011. SageGlass can be varied from 62% visible light transmission in its clear state down to less than 2% in its tinted state, with a solar heat gain coefficient that varies from 0.48 on the high end to 0.09 on the low end, it says. According to the company, SageGlass delivers greater energy efficiency than conventional low-E glass by reducing energy by up to 20%, HVAC requirements as much as 30% and lighting energy costs by up to 60%. Other benefits of the glass include reducing glare, controling heat, and increasing occupant satisfaction under virtually any external temperature or weather condition, it adds.SAGE ELECTROCHROMICS***Energy Management Canada associate editor Alyssa Dalton stopped by the Sage booth at Greenbuild 2011. CLICK HERE to see her photos from the tradeshow floor.
October 25, 2011 - Duo-Gard Industries says its new Maximizer unit skylight integrates up to three energy-saving technologies, which allow designers to pick and choose the desired performance in light transmittance, insulating value and energy efficiency, regardless of climatic region. The skylight officially debuted at Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto, Ont., earlier this month. According to Duo-Gard, Maximizer’s clear acrylic dome covers a panel of insulating 25mm translucent multiwall polycarbonate glazing with high diffused light transmittance. Two other energy-saving options include adding Lumira aerogel (formerly called Nanogel) in the glazing’s walls and adding a transparent coating filter to reduces heat gain. Production is slated for January 2012. DUO-GARD***Energy Management Canada associate editor Alyssa Dalton met with David Miller, president of Duo-Gard, at Greenbuild 2011. CLICK HERE to see her photos from the tradeshow floor.
October 25, 2011 - Earlier this month, Dow Corning showcased its new 758 Silicone Weather Barrier Sealant at Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto, Ont. Dow Corning describes the sealant as a one-part, low VOC, neutral cure silicone sealant, designed for unprimed adhesion to the surfaces of commonly used weather resistant barriers such as peel and stick, mechanically attached plastic films and other typical fenestration materials. The company boasts that the sealant delivers “reliable, strong adhesion unmatched by traditional sealant solutions." DOW CORNING***Energy Management Canada associate editor Alyssa Dalton saw the new 758 Sealant in person at Greenbuild 2011. CLICK HERE to see her photos of it, and the other scenes from the tradeshow floor.
October 20, 2011 - The Bilco Company claims its enhanced-performance roof hatch is more than 48% more energy-efficient than standard roof hatches. Describing it as an ideal fit for buildings seeking a LEED certification and those located in areas with extreme temperature conditions, it offers a cover and curb that are fully insulated with a 2-inch polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board. This insulation has an R-value of 12. According to Bilco, the cover also features an EPDM finger-type gasket that ensures a positive seal with the curb to reduce air permeability and ensure energy performance.
October 8, 2011 - Rooftop solar panels can reach temperatures as high as 200ºF, says GAF, leading to possible premature roofing membrane failure. The company says it has addressed this issue with EverGuard Extreme TPO single-ply roofing, which is designed with higher reflectivity and heat resistance. It can survive over 180 days at 280ºF before failure occurs; according to GAF, that’s six times the required performance, at a temperature 40 degrees higher than current standard requirements. It has survived accelerated weathering tests designed to simulate about 45 years of exposure to South Florida sun. EverGuard Extreme TPO is available in white in both 60-mil and 80-mil, as smooth and fleeceback membranes.GAF
October 8, 2011 - At Greenbuild, Woodbridge, Ont.-based DuRock exhibited Tiocoat—a white reflective roof coating promising enhanced energy efficiency performance for flat roofs. Tiocoat is an elastomeric coating that protects and extends the life of new and existing roof systems by reflecting over 89% of the sun’s UV rays. Tiocoat is also LEED-approved for SS Cr: 7.2 (Intent to Reduce the Heat-Island Effect), and is Energy Star accredited. The coating reduces heat absorption, thermal shock and expansion/contraction of the roofing membrane, all of which extends the life of the roofing system. The company says that using Tiocoat will reduce building cooling costs by 20% to 30%. Tiocoat can be applied to existing roof substrates such as BUR, mod-bit, concrete, metal and asphalt.DUROCK ALFACING INTERNATIONAL
October 8, 2011 - CPFilms Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solutia Inc., introduced the EnerLogic Series to the Vista line-up of architectural window films. Featuring a patent-pending, low-e coating, EnerLogic window film adds greater insulating power to existing commercial and residential windows, boasts CPFilms. In summer, heat from the sun is reflected away from windows; in winter, radiant heat from heating systems is directed back into the room. “At CPFilms, we understand that the greenest energy is the energy that isn’t used,” said Ray Kollar, CPFilms president and general manager.CPFILMS
October 8, 2011 - Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) manufacturer, Arxx Corp., was showcasing reFIT at Greenbuild 2011, saying it is an energy-efficient way to finish and insulate basements and interior spaces. reFIT leverages the technology behind Arxx’s Edge ICF product line to produce a system that results in an R-value of 13.9 for the finished wall assembly, which offers thermal resistance and reduces the air exchanges to keep indoor temperatures constant. It resists mould, mildew and rot, and consists of lightweight, vertically interlocking insulation panels. It requires no additional vapour barrier.ARXX
The selection of clear cover materials in lighting requires consideration and balance between optical transmission, optical interaction with the cover lens and its effect on light distribution, and economic considerations. The use of clear glass lens enclosures is rarely utilized as an optical feature. Instead, glass cover lenses are often incorporated to protect the optical system from environmental damage, or to protect human occupants and combustible building surfaces from failed lamp fragments. The long-time use of glass has been tied to optical clarity, mechanical strength for thermal and impact resistance, ease-of-use and sourcing, and UV resistance vs. other material options.
September 27, 2011 - Acuity Brands has expanded its Sunoptics prismatic daylighting portfolio with the introduction of the Seamlight curbless daylighting system, which is designed for direct installation onto existing industrial standing-seam roofing systems, thereby creating opportunities for the implementation of daylighting. Sunoptics prismatic skylights optimize indoor daylighting performance via a patented dome construction, says Acuity, that is designed to capture more light at low sun angles. It maximizes the amount of light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion and eliminating undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage, adds the company. The Seamlight system’s installation does not interfere with the structural integrity of industrial low-slope, standing-seam metal roofing systems. The product’s integrated rail attaches to the roof’s structural standing seam, allowing Seamlight to move with roof expansion and contraction.ACUITY BRANDS SUNOPTICS
September 9, 2011 - Coatings manufacturer Epox-Z Corporation is hoping to make it easier for solar companies to put their panels on flat commercial roofs with its new cool roof coating which it aims to provide a cost-effective solution with a lifespan that parallels the typical length of a solar Purchase Power Agreement. According to the company, Epox-Z NRG is a two-part, 100%-solids cool roof coating that is solventless and odourless. EPOX-Z CORPORATION

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