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May 22, 2012 - Osram Sylvania has introduced GreenBus II, a two-wire communication platform for supplying data and power to the Encelium Energy Management System. The new communication network integrates lighting control and energy management into one complete, programmable architecture. According to Osram, this next generation bus system dramatically raises the capability to deliver power to sensors on the bus while increasing the number of nodes supported by a single Encelium Energy Control Unit. OSRAM SYLVANIA
May 7, 2012 - It has never been clearer that the true convergence and anywhere collaboration that we all seek will be found in a cloud. The marriage of social media as data and its embedded human opinion will seamlessly mesh with real time data, shoulder to shoulder in large databases in a concept now being billed as Big Data or Data as a Service “DaaS”. To move to DaaS means that data—not applications—leads. That’s a significant shift in thinking. We need to adjust our focus to making sure our clients leverage data in the best ways possible to foster innovation.
March 14, 2012 - Wireless is a “now” movement in our industry that we all need to better understand.
March 1, 2012 - Following the release of its tower management module in January 2012, Kentrox has unveiled its power and environmental management modules for enhanced site management. The power management module provides the ability to monitor and control multiple power sources at remote sites including: battery monitoring; rectifier management; generator management; AC power monitoring; hybrid power monitoring; and fuel monitoring and management. Meanwhile, the environmental management module provides the applications to monitor and control remote site conditions to ensure normal operation, which applications including: HVAC management; HVAC energy monitoring; environmental monitoring; and hazardous gas monitoring.KENTROX
March 1, 2012 - Nimsoft has announced the Nimsoft ecoMeter, a Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution it says can enable IT organizations and service providers to reduce energy consumption by 30% while increasing IT reliability. The solution provides a unified view of energy consumption across diverse computing, network, storage, power and cooling systems, while collecting real-time energy data from data centre and IT infrastructure to identify “hot spots,” alerting users to problems, and reporting on consumption trends. NIMSOFT
February 27, 2012 - Onset, a supplier of data loggers, has launched HOBOware 3.3, a new version of the company’s graphing and analysis software which it claims dramatically speeds up deployment time in energy and environmental monitoring projects. According to the company, HOBOware 3.3 offers a number of time-saving features, such as batch configuration and readout; pre-launch filtering and scaling; and bulk export. HOBOware 3.3 also provides support for Onset’s HOBO UX90 series of data loggers. The series includes data loggers for monitoring light usage, room occupancy, motor on/off status, state changes, and pulse signals. ONSET
February 10, 2012 - Kentrox is now offering its tower management module with applications to help tower providers meter, monitor, and manage multi-tenant sites, including tenant energy metering, AC power monitoring, and generator management. The modules include a new Optima Live View showing the per site status overview of the specific application’s alarms and key performance indicators (KPIs). It provides auto-refresh and single click links to pre-defined reports, alarms, analysis, and controls. KENTROX
Energy efficiency discussions are moving to the boardroom as organizations seek to respond to rising energy prices and a growing concern for the environment. Presenting the nearly infinite amount of data that a portfolio of buildings generates—in a way that allows individuals to make better decisions—is a necessary component of an effective energy management program. New software applications are available to help organizations track energy use and cost, monitor building diagnostics, establish a baseline to identify areas of improvement, support external reporting, and create an energy-reduction strategy for the future.
January 17, 2012 - Onset is now offering a new e-learning course focusing on how to perform the manipulations and calculations necessary to convert time-series data to actionable information for energy auditing, commissioning, measurement and verification, and diagnostics. Using Excel to Evaluate Building and System Data was developed by Stetz Consulting, and highlights how to:• Calculate energy consumption by time-of-use.• Calculate maximum, minimum, and average temperatures for occupied and unoccupied periods.• Merge time-series data from different sources.• Create and format time-series and scatter graphs that show relationships as a function of time or between variables.• Calculate basic statistics on a data set, including histograms and linear regressions.Participants will earn one continuing education credit through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). CLICK HERE to sign up. ONSETSTETZ CONSULTING
October 22, 2011 (Updated December 8, 2011) - Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy Management System was launched as a “comprehensive” demand management solution for utilities and consumers that allows homeowners to reduce or shift energy use during peak times and improve grid efficiency. Wiser helps provide visibility into household energy consumption and costs, allowing consumers to actively manage and reduce energy use to improve the efficiency of their home. Available initially to consumers through utility providers, the Wiser system also offers utilities a solution that helps to increase grid efficiency, reduce peak usage costs and maximize power reliability, resulting in improved service to consumers and a reduced need for infrastructure upgrades. The Wiser Energy Management System includes the following products: Wiser Smart Thermostat with ZigBee Smart Energy technology; Wiser In-Home Display control centre and data dashboard; and Wiser Load Control that secures and manages large loads. Additionally, the Wiser Internet Gateway communicates home electrical use between components, and the Wiser Smart Plug intuitively manages small device electricity use.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
December 7, 2011 - This column speaks about the many new communities that building automation is now part of.  My last column focused on how building automation is turning green with the evolution of Greenmation. In this column, I provide links and pull-quotes from several new articles that include great examples on how visualization through graphics can allow buildings to become an integral part of a community and “Come to Life” while teaching occupants about sustainability.
November 10, 2011 - Onset, a supplier of data loggers, is offering an online, professional training course “Data Loggers for Performance Monitoring”. Developed and presented by Mark Stetz, P.Eng. of Stetz Consulting LLC (energy consultant, educator and author of “Energy Professionals’ Guide to Data Loggers”), the four-hour online course targets energy professionals involved in building commissioning, measurement & verification, energy audits, HVAC diagnostics and comfort monitoring applications. Participants will learn how to apply data loggers to HVAC equipment, lighting systems and occupied spaces, and interpret collected data to understand building system behaviour and identify problems. Four GBCI (Green Building Certificate Institute) CE hours will be awarded upon completion of the course. Additionally, the first 50 registrants will receive a free Hobo U12-012 temperature/humidity data logger and HOBOware graphing and analysis software. The online course will be held in two, 2-hour sessions December 6 and 8. To learn more or register, visit
November 2, 2011 - The Central Plant Optimization (CPO) offerings from Johnson Controls help building owners reduce energy consumption in central chilled water plants by up to 60%, it claims. According to the company, CPO enable chiller plants to reach their maximum efficiency by determining the optimum plant operating parameter values in real-time to meet the building cooling load with the minimum possible power. Two solutions are offered: CPO 10, powered by Metasys, and CPO 30, powered by Optimum Energy.JOHNSON CONTROLS
October 31, 2011 - The Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal (PORT) from Schindler Elevator Corporation represents a shift in building efficiency, function and flow for building transportation by bringing customizable Apps to building environments, it says. According to the company, PORT Technology serves as an intuitive two-way communication interface that adapts to the specific traffic patterns of each tenant to provide increased efficiency and energy savings. The PORT system also includes an Energy Control Option (ECO) which defines the average acceptable waiting time for a building - when the current or anticipated waiting times fall below the specified level, ECO places the unnecessary elevators into standby mode and, in some cases, sleep mode. This helps reduce elevator trips - and energy - throughout the day, it explains. SCHINDLER ELEVATOR CORPORATION
October 27, 2011 - The ZigBee Smart Energy version 1.1, a standard which provides information and automation to help consumers reduce their energy consumption and save money, is now available for public download, says the ZigBee Alliance. The updated version includes features such as dynamic pricing enhancements, tunneling of other protocols, prepayment features, over-the-air updates and backwards compatibility with certified ZigBee Smart Energy products version 1.0. According to the alliance, these features make it easer for consumers to use, but also make it ideal for utilities and energy service providers to deploy and operate. ZIGBEE ALLIANCE

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