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Energy efficient lighting company TCP, Inc. is combining the benefits of its compact fluorescent lamps with new LED technology to create the SpringLamp three-way CFL/LED light bulb. The three-way CFL/LED hybrid switches between 19-watts, 30-watts and a 1-watt LED night light, comparable to a 50/100/150-watt incandescent bulb, for use in table lamps and floor lamps.
True North Technology Inc. announces the Canadian launch of the V-BLOX Energy Optimization System. V-BLOX Corporation manufactures high end TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) & PFC (Power Factor Correction) products. Voltage and current make up the energy your equipment uses. When you clean up the volts and optimize the amps, you are protecting all of your equipment plus correcting the power factor at all the inductive motor loads resulting in an Energy Optimization System (EOS) decreasing your hydro consumption and hydro bill. The product extends electrical equipment life; reduces maintenance costs; reduces downtime; increases efficiency; saves energy; and saves money. VBLOX also claims to offer the best warranty in the industry. Visit www.truenorthtech.com/energymanagement.htm.      
Cree, Inc. announces a new standard for lighting-class LEDs with the introduction of the XLamp XP-E and XP-C LEDs.
For 600-volt class applications, Russelectric single-operator and dual-operator automatic transfer switches are available in two-, three-, or four-pole configurations for emergency/standby power systems. With the industry’s highest three-cycle closing and withstand ratings, these switches are labeled for use with any circuit breaker with instantaneous trip. UL listed through 4000 amperes and SCADA capable, they offer front-accessible wiring and rapid arc quenching. IEC-certified models are also available.   The Model RMT single-operator switch and the Model RMTD dual-operator switch are both designed for open-transition switching. The Model RMTD is ideal for applications that require the switching of large inductive loads such as three-phase motors or transformers used in pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities, or elevator systems.  Both models have positive mechanical interlocking and provide high-speed, quick-break, quick-make preloaded transfer by means of a simple electrical operator, backed-up by a safe manual operator. www.russelectric.com
ecoVations, the specification fixture division of TCP, Inc., introduces its new line of linear fluorescent lighting fixtures, each containing a lamp, ballast and fixture combination system, as energy efficient replacements for traditional metal halide high bay systems. Including the Aisle Lighter fixture, ElitePlus Fluorescent High Bay, Enclosed & Gasketted Fluorescent High Bay, Green Hi-Bay and Performance Bay, the fixtures are all designed for optimum performance using either T5 or T8 lamps. The ecoVations Aisle Lighter fixture is designed for surface or suspended mounting heights of up to 40 feet. Requiring low to medium light levels, its superior optic beam covers narrow aisle lighting to open general lighting making it ideal for open and stack aisles, warehouses and storage and retail facilities. Designed with the contractor in mind, the Performance Bay features a hinged door on the back of the fixture, while the ElitePlus Fluorescent High Bay offers a swinging lens and reflector, both providing easy access to the ballast. The ecoVations Green Hi-Bay is a lightweight fixture available in a four, six, or eight lamp configuration. All three fixtures include sockets that offer secure positioning rotating collars that lock lamps into place, and can be used in a variety of applications including warehousing, gymnasiums, commercial and manufacturing facilities, and open and stack aisles. All of the fixtures offer 95 per cent lumen maintenance, improved color rendering, extended lamp life, multi-level switching, instant on, dimming and improved uniformity. In addition, they are all recommended for mounting heights from 15 feet to 40 feet. www.tcpi.com
OCTRON 800XP XL ECOLOGIC T8 fluorescent lamps from OSRAM SYLVANIA last 50 per cent longer than conventional T8 lamps. Because lamp life is longer, re-lamp cycles are extended and lamp maintenance costs are reduced. In addition to longer life, the OCTRON 800XP XL ECO lamps deliver higher initial and maintained light levels and improved colour rendition. The lamps are available in 32-watt, 28-watt and 25-watt SUPERSAVER versions. System choices include: higher light levels, lower wattage systems or 2-lamp instead of 3-lamp systems.  These lamps pass the TCLP test, classifying them as non-hazardous waste in most municipalities. When used with SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC electronic ballasts, this system is covered by the QUICK 60+ Warranty, the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. For more information, visit www.sylvania.com.
MEGA Electronics Inc. 0.5 Amp and 1.0Amp switching regulators are ideally suite to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible.  With efficiencies up to 96 per cent very little energy is wasted as heat, eliminating the need for heat sinks and drastically reducing overall weight.  In addition to wide input voltage ranges, the regulators include a thermal shutdown, short circuit protection with continuous automatic recovery and low ripple and noise.  Normal operating temperatures are from -40C to +85C ambient and +100C case temperatures of the fully encapsulated regulator.   Recommended for use as a stable source of DC output voltage from a wide input DC range such as from batteries.  The low weight and space requirement make this an ideal, cost effective alternative to the linear 78xx.  As standard stock items the parts are readily available.   www.megaelectronics.com
LEDtronics introduces an addition to its line of drop-in replacement MR16-styled LED bulbs: high-powered Three Watt LED MR16 bulbs. These new 3Watt MR16 LED bulbs have two big advantages over other MR16 LED bulbs. First, they are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany "noisy" or "dirty" AC or DC power supplies, eliminating potential burnout from incoming voltage that is higher than the lamp's capacity. Second, the new 3 Watt MR16 bulbs eliminate the need to stock a variety of LED MR16 bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that power supplies of 12 Volt AC/DC - 24 Volt DC may present, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures. www.ledtronics.com 
Electroswitch Cam-Action Rotary Switches are ideal for a wide variety of industrial uses. A reliable and versatile design, these cam switches boast continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 800 amps at 120 to 600 volts and various horsepower ratings. They provide up to 12 positions and up to 24 poles, making them a logical choice for motor loads, and they feature double-break silver-alloy contacts enclosed in rigid thermoset plastic housing for long life. The Electroswitch Cam-Action Rotary Switch line is UL listed, CSA and CE certified, and available in a base mount, door mount, waterproof mount, single-hole mount, two-hole mount, or four-hole mount configuration.  Other options include key interlock, key operation, spring return, gear-driven operation, and padlock compatibility. Cam-Action Rotary Switches are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including ventilation; medical; UPS; and controls for communications, cranes, generators, and motors.  Pre-configured, application-specific models include Voltmeter Transfer Switches, Ammeter Transfer Switches, Motor Starting Switches, a Motor Reversing Switch, and a Heater Control Switch.  www.electroswitch.com
Ohm Loads Inc. introduces its new custom built AC/DC resistive load bank service for those involved in plant equipment maintenance and building electrical systems that require high quality Resistive Loads built in a timely manner with value pricing (more cost effective than in-house built Loads) for their electrical testing requirements. Ohm Loads specializes in designing and manufacturing Variable Resistive Load Bank solutions.  Loads are enclosed in a rack mount/bench top chassis from 25W to 30KW in a single chassis and three of our 30KW loads can be combined to create a Load of 90KW.  A custom user manual is included with each unit. www.ohmloads.com
LEDtronics says its latest generation of R30 LED Reflector spotlight bulbs combine advanced light emitting diode (LED) technologies, standard 25mm Edison bases and light optimizing designs to produce vivid light. R30 LED bulbs are available in five light emitting angles (15°, 20°, 30°, 40° and 95°) and in 120 volts AC. Other voltages from 12V to 240V — AC or DC —are available for qualified customers. With a power draw of only 4.5 Watts, the savings add up quickly, says the company. R30 LED bulbs are designed to perform well in systems subjected to voltage dips or surges. Integrated current-limited resistors ensure that no circuit modifications are required. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. With an average lifespan of 100,000-plus hours (11 years)—up to 50,000 hours for white LEDs—LED bulbs operate reliably year after year and are appropriate for many energy-saving uses, says the company. www.ledtronics.com
Watt Stopper/Legrand’s new LS101 is a single-zone, daylighting controller designed to switch lights OFF and ON when light levels detected by the unit’s internal light sensor fall above or below factory- or user-defined setpoints.
Leviton has expanded its miniZ intelligent daylight management system offering to include a new Dual Room miniZ, which combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and flexible lighting control functionality in a compact package for two individual rooms.
GE’s Starcoat SXL lamps provide the same light as standard F32T8 lamps but promise longer life, offering 36,000 hours of life at 12 hours per start on rapid-start ballasts. This decreases burnouts and reduces labour and disposal costs because of longer periods between relamping. For information, visit: www.gelighting.com
Invensys’ new Robertshaw i-Series programmable thermostats can be set up in half the time than some other models because of their installation ‘wizard’ feature. The Setup Wizard on models 9701i2 and 9725i2 saves contractors installation time and also makes programming easier for homeowners by navigating users through a series of menu-driven screens with simple instructions in English, French or Spanish. In addition to the wizard, Invensys has added numerous features, such as automated time adjustment for Daylight Saving Time and indoor air quality reminders. Also new is adjustable backlighting that can be used at all times or only while programming, and three levels of security that allow homeowners to protect against unwanted changes. Users can also control the temperature via remote sensor when these models are used with Robertshaw remote indoor/outdoor sensors. For information, visit:. www.icca.invensys.com

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