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Seaforth, ON — Envira-North Systems Limited announces the introduction of a new line of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans that mimic one of nature’s most sophisticated technologies. Incorporating the revolutionary Tubercle Technology, the almost vibration-free Altra-Air fan is one of the quietest and most efficient fans currently available, claims the company.
Rittal expands their scalable, cost effective, cooling solutions to tackle increasing heat loads generated in TS8 server racks.
 In the Canadian climate, heating is the biggest energy use is most buildings. And most of our heating plants are based on water heated by boilers. This series of articles discusses fundamentals of hot water heating plants. This month’s article is on plant monitoring and control.
Armstrong Limited, a leading supplier of quality, high-efficiency HVAC and fluid-handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, announces the addition of two new micro-sites to its corporate web presence. Armstrong customers, engineers, contractors, wholesalers and facility owners are now able to obtain more information regarding Armstrong’s Intelligent Variable Speed Pump (IVS) and the Pump-in-a-Box (PiB) offerings. Each micro-site has a different design and layout from the corporate site, but contains all of the information relevant to the product.   Intelligent Variable Speed site: Pump-in-a-Box site:  
The Powerfoil X features the NitroSeal Drive, a long-lasting, heavy-duty gearbox developed specifically for the load requirements of a Big Ass Fan. Precision HeliCamber gearing provides extremely low friction between gear teeth for reduced heat and nearly 50 per cent less backlash than a standard gearbox. The unique NitroSeal Drive is filled with nitrogen and hermetically sealed for life to ensure zero moisture, zero contamination and zero maintenance.   The onboard fan controls reside in a weather-resistant enclosure and provide an innovative benefit over standard fan controls. The controls are pre-wired to the motor, eliminating special wiring and conduit requirements and significantly reducing installation costs. The lightweight, wall-mounted keypad connects to a standard junction box and allows floor-level control of multiple fans. The Powerfoil X also features the first-ever platform that allows integration of electronic devices such as VESDA smoke detection, lights, cameras and motion sensor systems.
 In the Canadian climate, heating is the biggest energy use in most buildings. And most of our heating plants are based on water heated by boilers. This monthly column discusses fundamentals of hot water heating plants, how they use fuel, and how heating energy use can be reduced when older plants are replaced. This month’s topic is boiler efficiency.
PaceControls LLC is now making its energy efficiency and demand response technology available in Canada. The PaceController retrofit controllers are proven and patented to save 10-20 per cent or more on energy costs for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration and will maintain full end use performance. The engineers at PaceControls have developed this tool to extend the service life of older equipment and improve on new equipment by the use of patented technology to improve efficiency in methods OEMs have not yet agreed to purchase. Why replace capital equipment when you can retrofit for less. This extremely successful technology for saving energy is now stepping into the wireless age by working with Wellspring Wireless, a leader in ZigBee building automation wireless networks, and the next generation retrofit controller will be available in Canada this summer.
Schneider Electric Canada has introduced Simply Smart industrial ac drives for 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.5 to 900 hp. The Altivar 71 model, dedicated to all industrial applications, is complemented by the Altivar 61, for pumps and fans. Altivar 71 can deliver up to 220% overtorque; 130% for Altivar 61. Both drives offer flux vector control (FVC) with or without sensor, online auto-tuning, speed or torque control, output frequency up to 1000 Hz and an energy saving function for pump and fan applications. One drive can independently control up to 3 motors, units withstand voltage drops of up to -50%, RF interference and operating temperatures up to 50ºC (without derating).
Sullair Corp. introduced the 1100e, 1500e and 1800e encapsulated series of compressors to its established line of industrial air compressors. The compressors offer 15-, 20- and 25-horsepower capability. The compressors are available with Sullair's Variable Speed Drive (VSD), which can efficiently adjust to changes in air demand, says the company. With the VSD, these compressors deliver greater energy efficiency, improved operating consistency and lower lifecycle costs, says the company. Sullair's compressors also incorporate many features that reduce noise levels. The air-end and motor are mounted on rubber isolators, intake and exhaust louvres have been insulated and every machine comes standard with a fully insulated enclosure. This allows Sullair's 1100e, 1500e and 1800e compressors to operate at noise levels as low as 66 dba, says the company.
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