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Provincial budget good news for Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

April 20, 2016 - According to the budget it released April 14, the Province of Alberta is allocating $645 million over five years to support energy efficiency and micro-generation initiatives, and this is welcome news to Jesse Row, who said “This will take Alberta from last place to the middle of the pack compared with energy efficiency funding in other provinces”.

April 21, 2016  By  Anthony Capkun

Row is the executive director of Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance; he points out Alberta is currently the only province in Canada (or state in the U.S.) without energy efficiency programs. “The funding from this budget will allow Alberta to finally start catching up.”

“During their last recession and recovery, energy efficiency program spending in the U.S. more than doubled as a way to stimulate their economy,” Row noted, adding that, based on results in other places, “Alberta can expect to create around 3000 jobs from these energy efficiency programs”.

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