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RECAP – Energy Management Canada wraps up live coverage of Greenbuild 2011 – Day 3 Tweets

October 7, 2011 - Associate editor, Alyssa Dalton, has been covering Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto this week, and live tweeting show updates. And with Day 3 being the final day of the tradeshow, you better believe there was lots of action on the floor that day. Below, we've consolidated her DAY 3 (October 6) Tweets for your reading pleasure (in reverse chronological order):

October 7, 2011  By  Alyssa Dalton

Check out her DAY 1 and DAY 2 Tweets.

#EMgmtC Many thanks to all who chatted with associate editor Alyssa Dalton & made our first Greenbuild show a fun experience! #GBNext

#EMgmtC And as the tradeshow comes to a close, that wraps up our live coverage of #GBNext 2011. Hope you found our live tweets informative!

#EMgmtC Hello to some familiar faces at the Fluke booth, where there’s an array of handtools/infrared cameras on display. #GBNext


#EMgmtC IBSEE hosts customized webiners/seminars on energy-efficient building tech/products. Check our site for upcoming events. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Now @ #GBNext I’m talking w/ Sylvia Kulterer, president of the Institute for Building Science & Energy Efficiency (IBSEE).

#EMgmtC Just had a great chat with Brian Patterson, chairman of EMerge Alliance.. what a gentleman. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Wow! Alyssa just caught another sneakpeek- this one for PennBarry’s new Domex fan to launch in Cda/US by the end of 2011. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Honeywell’s booth is doing something interesting- there’s a caricature artist here entertaining the crowds. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Nice to see some fellow Canucks at #GBNext – TimeEnergy’s HQ is in Vaughan, Ont.

#EMgmtC Checking out the insulation glass @ TimeEnergy, where a glass walkway lets visitors test how the glass reacts to direct heat.#GBNext

#EMgmtC Now it’s time to motor over & chat w/ Eaton’s Celeste Cizik, who specializes in data centres, energy efficiency & HVAC. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Here @ Hemcrete, I learn that all industrial hemp for its US/Cda insulation products moving forward will be grown in Canada. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Alyssa gets an exclusive sneakpeek @ Knauf Insulation’s Ecoseal-a water-based latex sealant to launch in Cda in about 6 wks. #GBNext

#EMgmtC The Airxchange system saves $37K/yr for a longterm care facility in Oakville, (Ont) since it was added in 2002. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Here @ Airxchange to learn about the energy recovery wheel, which captures & re-uses energy in building exhaust air. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Now it’s over to Energy Gauge Summit to see its modeling software that estimates energy costs based on the data users input. #GBNext

#GBNext Lots of buzz on showfloor about the sudden death of Steve Jobs, co-founder/past CEO of Apple. Some booths have tribute signs of him.

#EMgmtC #EBMag The SafePlug outlet was initially designed for electrical safety/to protect against short circuiting. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Now I’m @ SafePlug to check out its smart energy outlets which offer energy monitoring & on/off control. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Just met w/ Airius to see the Air Pear thermal fan which he says can cut 35% of energy bills. #GBNext

#EMgmtC Associate editor Alyssa Dalton is back @ #GBNext, live-tweeting from the show floor. Let’s go, Day 3!

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