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Rittal Blue E enclosure air-conditioner promises big energy savings

April 15, 2013 - The Blue E represents a redesign of Rittal’s Top Therm enclosure air conditioners, focusing on improving the energy efficiency of the units while maintaining cooling effectiveness. There are several elements that contribute to Blue E’s energy efficiency, Rittal says, the first of which is electronically commutated fans, which offer 30% energy savings when compared to AC fans. Blue E cooling units continue to feature nano-coated condenser coils, which allow dirt and debris to pass through without sticking. This, says the company, reduces maintenance intervals and maintains a higher level of performance. The Blue E controller, meantime, actively sample the enclosure’s interior air temperature and, when it is below 25C, it will shut off the internal fan. It will then activate the fan every 10 minutes to circulate the internal enclosure air and take a temperature reading, and repeat the process.

April 16, 2013  By  Anthony Capkun

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