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Rockwell Automation offers guidance to maximize HVAC system efficiency

MILWAUKEE, WI — A new white paper from Rockwell Automation details how facility managers and owners can reduce energy consumption and maximize savings with HVAC control upgrade technology. The paper outlines a new option to help convert constant volume HVAC systems to variable air volume (VAV) control while avoiding the cost and complexity typically associated with changing mechanical or building automation control systems.

The white paper, "Leveraging the Power of Intelligent Motor Control to Maximize HVAC System Efficiency," describes the technology behind this upgrade option, outlines the cost-saving benefits, and breaks down a leading food manufacturer's payback as an example. By adjusting fan speeds, the upgrade option helps facility managers reduce energy consumption and building owners reap payback in a relatively short time — often less than a year. The new upgrade option helps building owners avoid costly redesign and capital investments associated with new systems.

Designed as a self-contained unit for easy installation, the integrated control solution delivers more energy savings at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware retrofit. The unit includes temperature and carbon dioxide sensors, a microcontroller, a high-performance variable frequency drive, and a touch-screen operator interface. Rather than cycling between constant speed and off, HVAC fans controlled by the variable frequency drive automatically adjust in response to heating or cooling needs.

"HVAC systems typically constitute a large amount of a building's operating costs, so it makes business sense to upgrade HVAC systems as efficiently as possible, without being forced to reconfigure an existing system," said Jenalea Howell, market analyst, IMS Research. "A new energy-saving solution comprising intelligent motor control technology allows building owners and facility managers to take better control of their energy use and gain greater insight into the bottom line."

The white paper, "Leveraging the Power of Intelligent Motor Control to Maximize HVAC System Efficiency," is available at the Rockwell Automation Literature Library.

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December 7, 2009  By Newswire

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