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Schneider Electric offers AI-assisted advising to drive next-gen services

October 6, 2020  By Anthony Capkun

October 6, 2020 – Schneider Electric reports it has placed a “multi-million-dollar investment into AI and machine learning technology […] to drive next-generation, digitally-enabled services.”

The investment brings artificial intelligence-assisted advising to its energy and sustainability services offer, says the company, adding it will improve the insights and analysis of a company’s energy and sustainability portfolio.

“Most companies today still face data challenges that limit their sustainability approach,” says Schneider. “Companies struggle with inconsistent, incomplete, overabundant, and poor-quality resource consumption and cost data. The introduction of AI allows companies to get more value out of the data they produce, and provides more accurate and efficient analysis as the foundation of an energy and sustainability strategy.”

“A mind-plus-machine approach has already proven itself for applications in financial advising and traditional business consulting,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice-president. “We’ve found that collaborative intelligence produced by this newest class of technology […] helps our clients create a sustainability-based competitive advantage.”


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