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Solar power generator to support LED lights

Larson Electronics' announced that it now offers the SPG366A-400 solar powered generator with two 400 watt milspec solar panels to feed the 366 amp hour capacity gel pack batteries. Equipped with a pneumatic telescoping mast and stabilizing lift jacks, the trailer style 760 pound solar powered generator replenishes the batteries at a rate of 24 amps per hour. Proven in 137 mile winds during Hurricane Ike and built to withstand armor piercing rounds, the SPG366A-400 can meet the needs of military, commercial and industrial users worldwide.

Larson Electronics' announced that by adding two milspec solar panels to its SPG366A-400 solar powered generator, they could now offer lighting configurations of more than 50,000 lumens. Equipped with 8 of the Magnalight LED10W-9S 90 watt LED lights, the solar powered generator could, for example, effectively deliver 57,600 lumens of light for 12 hours and fully recharge the batteries with 16 hours of sunlight. The mobile solar powered generator can be connected to a vehicle via a trailer hitch and towed to remote locations. By calculating the number of hours of sunlight and accounting for cloud cover, dirt and other factors, operators can effectively assess the amount of lighting that makes the unit self-sustaining in remote areas.

January 27, 2010  By Newswire

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