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SolarDock signs distribution & license manufacturing agreement with SunRise Power

WILMINGTON, DE — SolarDock LLC, a leading Solar PV consultant, designer and manufacturer of high-tilt-angle racking systems that require no penetration of roof surfaces, announced recently that it has signed a license & distribution agreement with Canadian firm, SunRise Power Corp., to manufacture, market and distribute SolarDock PV racking to the exploding Ontario market.

"This is the first step in SolarDock's plan to license our technology with leading local-market participants in Canada and around the globe," said SolarDock COO Sean Chipman. While his company's primary manufacturing to date has been done in New Castle, DE, he said other, similar agreements will be sought as such opportunities arise.

Chipman expressed confidence that SolarDock can rapidly and effectively deploy its roof-top friendly PV racking solution to service the Ontario market. He points out that the collaboration of its new partner brings the benefit of SunRise Power's established distribution, sales, marketing and manufacturing teams — along with the current Ontario feed-in tariff (FIT) program — to create very strong demand for Ontario-manufactured, high performance, non-penetrating PV racking.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the SolarDock solution to Ontario," said Paul Pauzé, President of SunRise Power, adding, "As one of only two local content inverter manufacturers, our visibility on end-market PV demand is quite literally second to none." Pauzé touts SolarDock's combination of high 30-degree tilt angle, a very light weight on the roof, and industry-leading installation productivity as the reasons the SolarDock racking solution is perfect for his marketplace.

Rob Kenton, Account Manager at SunRise Power, also weighed in, saying, "The addition of SolarDock's racking solution to our product portfolio enhances our ability to deliver industry leading Ontario manufactured solutions to the rapidly growing FIT marketplace. We expect that the SolarDock product will quickly become the racking system of choice for most commercial, educational and government end users. With only foam board touching the mounting surface, it is the most roof-friendly system on the market."

April 28, 2010  By Newswire

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