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Sustainable Solutions creates GreenCircle Certified, LLC

Sustainable Solutions Corporation has spun off the certification division of its business, creating GreenCircle Certified, LLC as an independent, third-party company that will certify sustainability claims for businesses and organizations.


GreenCircle Certified, LLC will substantiate sustainability claims in the following areas: recycled content, rapidly renewable resource content, closed loop product, sustainable manufacturing practices, life cycle assessment optimized, carbon footprint reduction, and renewable energy use.


“As more businesses take on sustainability initiatives, the demand is growing quickly for independent, third-party certifications that can substantiate these green claims,” said Tad Radzinski, certification officer of GreenCircle Certified, LLC. “GreenCircle Certified marks the launch of a much needed expert, impartial certifier into the marketplace.”


The company says the GreenCircle Certified system includes a detailed evaluation of an organization’s product, process or operation. The evaluation can also be based on completion of a product life cycle assessment. The certification can be applied to any organization, including Walmart suppliers, to validate sustainability claims.


“The Walmart Sustainability Index is motivating a lot of companies to implement sustainable practices,” said Radzinski. “GreenCircle Certified will add credibility to these businesses’ efforts, which is critically important in light of the current ‘green-washing’ culture.”


More information about GreenCircle Certification is available at

June 17, 2010  By  John Gilson

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