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“Tuning Up” – To increase the uptake of EBCx across Canada

April 15, 2022  By  Anthony Capkun

April 15, 2022 – “Tuning up: a framework for existing building commissioning” was launched to help organizations increase awareness and uptake of existing building commissioning (EBCx).

NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency says the framework was developed by the EBCx Working Group, and is the result of collaboration among a range of organizations from across Canada.

EBCx is a process that can help existing buildings operate as expected and meet the current facility requirements, says NRCan. It focuses on improving or optimizing (hence, “tuning up”) the performance of existing equipment and systems, and identifying low- or no-cost operational improvements.

In the context of the framework, EBCx is used as a broad term that includes recommissioning, retro-commissioning and ongoing commissioning.

While retrofitting focuses on adding new components or replacing outdated ones, EBCx—done in combination with, or separate from, retrofits—focuses on improving the performance of what is already there.

Key building types include commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings.

The benefits of existing building commissioning can include increased energy efficiency, lower costs, extended equipment life, reduced GHG emissions, increased occupant comfort.

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