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Vancouver and FortisBC to tackle climate change

November 27, 2017 — The city of Vancouver and FortisBC announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work on climate action projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

November 27, 2017  By  Ellen Cools

“We understand that Vancouver residents want to shrink their environmental footprints, without impacting affordability. That’s why we’re working together to seek out new opportunities for Vancouverites to save energy, and reduce their costs,” said Roger Dall’Antonia, executive vice president of customer service and technology, FortisBC.

The MOU highlights a range of activities over the next five years including developing a deep energy retrofit pilot project for a commercial building, increasing investment in low carbon energy systems and increasing access to energy efficiency and conservation rebates for new buildings.

To support the increased investment in energy-efficient buildings and low carbon energy systems, Vancouver will be making several changes to its Green Building policies. This will include alignment with the BC Energy Step Code, a province-wide standard for energy efficient buildings. This enables ForticBC to provide incentives to make new buildings more energy efficient in the city.

The changes will also create opportunities for more projects like FortisBC’s Marine Gateway low carbon energy system, which uses waste heat recovery to heat homes and hot water in an efficient, low carbon manner.

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