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January 25, 2023

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Session 2: Feasibility Analysis with RETScreen Expert

Recent Additions to RETScreen’s Feasibility Analysis Capabilities
  • Kevin Bourque, Senior Engineer, RETScreen International
Preparing Rapid Energy Audits for Buildings and Factories with RETScreen
  • Stephen Dixon, President, TdS Dixon
Managing a Portfolio of Power Project Investments with RETScreen
  • Michael Ross, President, RER Energy

RETScreen’s Feasibility Analysis Module is the most comprehensive product of its kind, allowing engineers, architects, and financial planners to model and analyze any clean energy project. Decision-makers can conduct a five-step standard analysis, including energy analysis, cost analysis, emission analysis, financial analysis, and sensitivity/risk analysis.

In this session, the three speakers will walk us through the different capabilities of this module. They will focus on its most recent additions, showcasing its use for energy auditing, and demonstrating how to use it to manage a portfolio of power project investments.

Recent Additions to RETScreen’s Feasibility Analysis Capabilities

RETScreen’s team of engineers and experts are always improving and upgrading the software base on feedback from our users. In this presentation, Kevin Bourque, Senior Engineer at RETScreen, will provide an overview of the latest updates to the RETScreen Feasibility Analysis Module.

These updates include the addition of a new water efficiency projects analysis tool, a feasibility analysis scaling tool to allow for easier analysis of projects of different sizes and scope. The updates also include the inclusion of off-site renewable energy sources in real-property models.

Preparing Rapid Energy Audits for Buildings and Factories with RETScreen

In this talk, Stephen Dixon, President of TdS Dixon, will show how energy professionals can leverage RETScreen to gain insight into a facility’s energy consumption. He will share his tips and tricks to prepare rapid energy audits for buildings and factories using RETScreen Expert.

Managing a Portfolio of Power Project Investments with RETScreen

Power plants play a key role in transitioning to a low-carbon future. While RETScreen has long been a leader in clean energy feasibility analysis for power production, the RETScreen Expert software platform can do much more.

In this presentation, Michael Ross, President of RER Energy, will demonstrate how utilities and energy providers can use RETScreen to manage a portfolio of power plants. Leveraging RETScreen’s Feasibility Analysis Module for power plants and calibrating models with historical electricity generation output, Michael will show how the feasibility and financial viability of all types of power project investments can easily be assessed in RETScreen.

Kevin Bourque
Kevin Bourque is part of the Capacity building and outreach team of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software at Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY research centre in Varennes, Quebec. Prior to joining NRCan, Kevin worked as a wind energy consultant. He has been working in the energy field for over 20 years. Kevin studied Engineering at McGill University and the University of Calgary.

Stephen Dixon
Stephen Dixon, has for over 40 years, provided energy management services to a broad range of industrial, commercial, institutional and utility organizations. Broadly recognized as a leader in energy management training, his focus is simple; to build the capacity of organizations to use energy more effectively by developing individual skills, organizational best practices and providing tools for energy management. Stephen’s energy management experience includes 800+ energy assessments, the facilitation of over 2,500 energy management workshops, inspiring over 32,000 individuals from more than 1,600 organizations.

Michael Ross
Michael Ross has been a consultant, researcher, and teacher in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for more than 25 years. His clients include governments, companies, public utilities, engineering consultancies, universities, and international development banks and aid organizations.

Michael completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree (Systems Design Engineering) from the University of Waterloo in 1994. He has since worked at Natural Resources Canada’s photovoltaic research laboratory, a wind energy consulting firm, and the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. In 2003 he established his own consulting firm, RER Energy Inc.

Michael has been providing assistance to the RETScreen team since 2001. He has developed many case studies and online courses for RETScreen International, contributed to the RETScreen e-Textbook, supplied input cost data for RETScreen Expert, and performed validation of RETScreen 4, RETScreen Plus, and RETScreen Expert. He has provided RETScreen courses, in both English and French, across Canada and in the USA, France, Ecuador, Mali, Morocco, Somaliland, and Zambia.

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