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“Identifying Energy Efficiency Opportunities: A Manufacturing Case Study”–EBCO

February 18, 2015 - Ever wonder what it would be like to have an energy adviser walk through your plant and show you how to cut your energy costs?

February 18, 2015  By BC Hydro

Try out the experience in just four minutes with a new video, “Identifying Energy Efficiency Opportunities: A Manufacturing Case Study.”

The video focuses on Ebco, a B.C.-based heavy machinery manufacturer. Through programs and resources offered by Power Smart, Ebco investigates opportunities for immediate savings through low and no-cost efficiency solutions, as well as larger investments that could qualify for BC Hydro incentive support.

Energy efficiency offers benefits beyond just cutting costs.

With the price of electricity rising, it’s clear that smart energy use saves money. But there are opportunities for a range of benefits from energy efficiency. These can include:


• smoother process flow
• improved productivity
• improved safety
• higher employee satisfaction
• customer satisfaction, proof of “green” efforts
• competitive advantage in global markets

However, it can be challenging to know which benefits are available, or where to start. “We know we could be more energy efficient, but we’re not quite sure exactly how,” says Richard Eppich, CEO and president of Ebco.

The video demonstrates the value of a high-level review of opportunities. An older air compressor is drawing energy even when the plant’s air demand is low. Old-style lighting uses far more energy than newer, brighter options. And taking a close look at the electricity bill helps identify energy usage patterns, and ways to save.

“It will improve Ebco,” says Dev Singh, director of manufacturing. “I was surprised to see that there’s still opportunity there, and it was so simple.”

Efficiency helps protect 400,000 B.C. manufacturing jobs

With 400,000 B.C. jobs in the manufacturing sector, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and BC Hydro recognize that energy efficiency is one way to support B.C.’s economy.

“It’s very easy for customers and manufacturers to get involved,” says Joanna Sofield, general manager of Power Smart. “It’s as simple as picking up the phone and making a call to one of our Power Smart business customer representatives. Our agents are there to help our customers take advantage of the program.”

Many tools and resources can help you get started with ease

Here are a number of ways to start learning about energy efficiency, and finding ways to save:

• Review all programs and tools available for manufacturers, and for all industrial companies.
• For more information on Power Smart programs and eligibility, call the Power Smart Business Help Desk at 604 522 4713 (Lower Mainland) or 1 866 522 4713 (elsewhere in B.C.)
• Just getting started with energy management and don’t know where to start? Work with a Business Energy Advisor (BEA) for a free high-level review of energy efficiency opportunities in your plant. A BEA will also be able to help you navigate through eligible Power Smart incentive programs, including helping you with your incentive application and working with your Power Smart Alliance vendor.
• Ready to move forward with a project? Work with your preferred vendor or contact the Power Smart Alliance to request a referral for a qualified contractor, distributor or consulting engineer for your energy efficiency project.
• Use the online Energy Evaluator Tool. By entering some basic information about your operations, this tool helps you identify ways to save energy and money — right from your own desk.
• Find out which incentives you may be eligible for with the online Business Program Eligibility Tool. All you need is your 11-digit business account number.
• Read more about the Self-serve Incentive Program for industrial companies.

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