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When stuck at home, FortisBC customers dive into energy-efficiency rebate programs

April 22, 2021  By  Anthony Capkun

April 22, 2021 – FortisBC reports record participation in its energy-efficiency rebate programs, suggesting much of the increase can be attributed to a greater number of people doing renovations while they’re at home as a result of Covid restrictions.

In January and February of this year, FortisBC processed almost twice as many Home Renovation Rebate applications than the same months last year, and expects this trend to continue while people continue to spend more time at home.

A poll of FortisBC customers shows at least 1/4 of people surveyed planned to use the extra time to complete home renovations. In fact, the most common rebates so far in 2021 have been for high-efficiency equipment like natural gas furnaces and water heaters. The utility has also seen a spike in Enerchoice fireplace rebates.

For people planning to take advantage of rebates as part of their renovation project, FortisBC offers some tips to help ensure the rebate is processed as quickly as possible:


Apply online at for faster processing and easier tracking.

Have a qualified contractor complete the upgrades (N.B. For many rebates, this is a requirement). FortisBC maintains a list of independent natural gas and electrical contractors at

Check that the make and model of the selected appliance, equipment or upgrade is eligible for a rebate. Look it up at Rebates are most often declined due to ineligible makes or models.

Submit your application within the required timeline after completing the work. Remember to read over terms and conditions of the rebate for full details.

Include all the necessary invoices and information. Rebates are most often delayed due to missing make and model numbers.

Ensure your mailing address is the correct one for receiving the rebate cheque.

FortisBC says its rebate programs helped reduce natural gas use by more than 1 million GJ and electricity use by more than 26 million kWh last year.

Some additional facts…

• 53% of rebate participation comes from cities in the Lower Mainland, including the Fraser Valley.

• The cities with the highest participation are Surrey, Kelowna, Vancouver, Kamloops and Langley.

• High-efficiency natural gas furnaces are the most popular rebate, accounting for 35% of rebate volume.

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