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Yorkland Controls incorporating 75F IoT-based building controls

May 31, 2023  By  Anthony Capkun

May 31, 2023 – Yorkland Controls, a provider of building automation and control systems, is collaborating with 75F to bring “advanced technology and enhanced functionality” to its product portfolio, enabling customers to achieve “optimal comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in their commercial buildings”.

The 75F solution seamlessly integrates custom hardware and software, and leverages IoT to enable automation and remote management of HVAC systems.

By combining data from a wireless sensor network with third-party weather forecasts, the system can predictively and proactively redirect air to where it is most needed. The AI capabilities also allow for intelligent scheduling and real-time adjustments based on occupancy patterns, weather conditions, and other factors.

Want to know more? Consider joining Yorkland Controls’ upcoming webinar on June 1.

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