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The spotlight in this issue is HVAC. CLICK HERE to see our 2013 editorial calendar.

Jaga's five strategies to reduce HVAC costs

Looking to cut your HVAC-associated costs? Jaga Climate Systems has compiled its Top 5 Tips to help reduce energy spend and overall costs of HVAC systems. READ...

Dynamic Data Fuels Deep Analytics

In this article, columnist Ken Sinclair looks at the importance of deep analytics and how the industry will provide a new, level of deeper analytics connecting inquiring minds to almost everything with low cost real-time data. READ...


Nine finalists make the cut in 2013 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards
The Canadian awards program—which recognizes those developing home energy efficiency products, services and solutions—has named this year's finalists. Who are they?

Hydro One Brampton honours 78 local businesses for energy-saving efforts
At Hydro One Brampton's recent Commercial & Industrial Information Breakfast, 78 local businesses were recognized for their energy-saving efforts. READ...

$1 million new funding for Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings Strategic Network
A nationwide university initiative headquartered at Concordia has received $1 million in new funding to help it conduct further research and testing of building technologies. READ...

Ontario moving forward on extending Northern Industrial Electricity Rate program
Ontario will be extending its Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) program, which aims to help the largest industrial electricity consumers stay competitive. READ...

Schneider's Xperience Efficiency to drive efficiency change globally
A new series of events from Schneider Electric aims to collaborate with customers, partners and governments to solve energy and sustainability challenges. How can you get involved?

Nine strategies for utilities to design multi-family energy-efficiency programs
ACEEE and CNT Energy are recommending nine strategies for utilities to design and implement energy-efficiency programs to attract multifamily building owners. READ...

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