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Reducing energy and water usage in continuous-process cooking and cooling

There are many processes in food manufacturing that can be addressed to reduce operating costs while at the same time improving sustainability. One of the most critically important objectives to achieving this is reducing process energy and water consumption. READ...


400,000 appliances recycled via Hydro-Quebec's Recyc-Frigo program
The Recyc-Frigo program from Hydro-Quebec has picked up 400,000 ''energy-guzzling'' fridges and freezers for recycling. Are you a Quebec resident interested in participating? READ...

Conservation named Ontario's top priority in energy planning
The Ontario government says it is moving toward a new, innovative approach to energy planning by developing a new policy that will ensure the province invests in conservation measures. READ...

Envida proposes district energy projects for Guelph, Ontario
In the city of Guelph, Ont., district energy projects are being develop to help the community achieve environmental targets set out in the Guelph Community Energy Initiative. READ...

Sheridan College commits $30M to Mission Zero initiatives
Ontario's Sheridan College hopes to become a 'living laboratory' for energy sustainability and conservation through two 'Mission Zero' initiatives and a $30.6-million investment over the next seven years. READ...

Precision-Paragon survey shows energy-efficient lighting revenue to grow
Precision-Paragon has found that more than 70% of respondents from its recent survey expect their energy-efficient lighting revenue to grow in 2013. READ...

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