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BC Hydro explains how to save energy and money with Energy Star

Ask yourself: When it's time for a new computer, printer, water cooler, or lunch room refrigerator... do you always look for the Energy Star label before you buy? If you don't, you're missing out on savings. READ...

Your compressed air system is a gold mine in energy savings

It is incomprehensible that production companies leave financial reserves unused in their bank account—and at miserably low credit interest rates—while with just a part of this money they could realize returns of a few 100%. How is this possible?. READ...

COLUMN: 15 years in the Collaboratory

Congratulations to Ken Sinclair, our resident columnist, who is celebrating 15 years in the Collaboratory. In this column, he notes ''this is not our story but the story of industry giants helping us create an online collaboratory of their powerful thoughts''. READ...


RECALL: White-Rodgers thermostat recalled for fire hazard - RA-39279
Health Canada is notifying the public of a recall involving four models of White-Rodgers digital thermostats, in which the alkaline batteries used in the thermostat can leak onto the circuit board posing a fire hazard. READ...

U.S. Navy and NREL fight... for energy and cost savings
Field demonstrations of energy-efficient technologies are yielding valuable results for the U.S. Navy, says the U.S. Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). READ...

The Island saving 40% electricity via streetlighting retrofit
Prince Edward Island's transportation and infrastructure renewal minister, Robert Vessey, says converting older highway lights to LEDs is reducing the province's electricity bill. READ...

Blue Line deploys energy monitor to 170,000 Ontario homes for Peaksaver Plus
More than 170,000 Ontario homes have received a Blue line Innovations in-home energy display for free through the province's saveONenergy Peaksaver Plus program. READ...

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