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SPOTLIGHT: Daylighting at work: it's time we let the light in

What's your relationship to your office window? This may seem like a funny question to ask, but windows can be some of the most complex aspects of the office environment. READ...


Even encrypted home automation systems say a lot about you!
Regulating heating systems to save energy and adjusting lighting levels based on the time of day are just two benefits of today's smart home automation systems. However, studies show these wireless systems also pose a security risk. READ...

ASHRAE calls for papers for 2015 annual conference
ASHRAE is seeking papers for its 2015 annual conference in Atlanta, Ga., June 27 to July 1. Interested in learning about the conference focus? READ...

Milton Hydro drives conservation through community engagement
Milton Hydro—in partnership with Simple Energy—will deliver a social benchmarking program to customers that aims to demonstrate how community engagement can deliver energy conservation. READ...

U of Alberta to install Aircuity for lab ventilation in 3 buildings
The University of Alberta has announced it is embarking on an ambitious program to retrofit and upgrade existing facilities and control systems. READ...

Hubbell's createchange initiative to help hotels realize energy savings
Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, createchange is a lighting upgrade program from Hubbell Lighting promising to cut hotel electricity costs by 60%. READ...

Boost your energy management with ISO 50002 for audits
The International Standards Organization says a number of companies and organizations have already integrated an energy management system to reduce consumption. Now they can take this exercise a step further with ISO 50002:2014, an international standard on energy audit. READ...

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