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EM Honours – Energy Manager Canada awards (2024)
Best HVACR/Plumbing Solution

This award recognizes an HVACR/plumbing solution installed in Canada that advances the state of the art with regard to proactive energy management, energy efficiency and/or decarbonization. Nomination fee: $40.00.

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The HVACR/Plumbing Solution must be market-ready and available for purchase and installation.The HVACR/Plumbing Solution must have been installed in at least one project in Canada, in any sector (e.g. industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal).

Nominators must explain how the HVACR/Plumbing Solution contributes to an overall proactive energy management strategy to deliver beneficial, measurable results.

N.B. By submitting a nomination form, Nominators assure Energy Manager Canada of the accuracy of the information provided and, further, are in a position to provide this information to Energy Manager Canada free of further permissions.