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Biorem awarded $1.2 million to advance VOC treatment technology

Biorem, a clean technology company, announced it has been awarded $1.2 million from the Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation to support the development of its VOC (volatile organic compound) treatment technology. The company also announced it is installing a prototype VOC treatment system at Polycon Industries (a Magna International division) in Guelph, Ontario. The 5,000 cfm system is expected to be operational by fall 2010 and is designed for 95% VOC removal efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases, utilizing the breakthrough biological process developed by Biorem. The funding is also aimed at further developing high-performance biological systems for low concentration VOC streams, which are present in composting and sewage treatment plants.


“The IDF funding and the Polycon installation highlights our leadership position in developing world-class technologies for the treatment of air emissions,” said Peter Bruijns, Biorem President and CEO. “In order to compete with traditional technologies, our process had to perform at levels meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, and with lower capital and operating costs than traditional technologies. We believe our technology will be the solution of choice in a market we estimate at more than $1.6 billion globally. We have established our sales channels, particularly in North America and China, and expect our VOC treatment systems will drive significant growth in the coming years as this technology gains market share.”


VOCs are emitted from virtually every manufacturing process. These compounds are major contributors to poor air quality in urban areas and contribute to human health issues, such as asthma and certain cancers. The treatment of VOC emissions has traditionally been through the use of thermal oxidation, a process that uses fossil fuels to remove VOCs by incineration, resulting in significant greenhouse gas emissions and high operating costs. According to the company, the technology developed by Biorem reduces, by as much as 95%, the greenhouse gas emissions of traditional solutions and lowers plant operating costs by more than 40%, allowing both economic and regulatory goals to be achieved in tandem.


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September 16, 2010  By  John Gilson

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